JimdaFish's Okey-Dokey PPE Thread


If character slots drop from a fame box in the near future, I will definitely consider spinning it. I just don’t like to pay (money or fame) for things when I’m not sure what I’ll get.


Probably won’t ahaha got in motmg


Updates when? Idk why but you’re the only ppe thread I find enjoyable lol


Updates now.

@Tominkang proved once and for all that sorcerer is not the best class to rush with. Rest in pepperonis.

FINALLY got a star upgrade (I was stuck on the T5 for about 26 days there). And it’s the Oryxmas version, so I’m one step closer to having the full set!

Dang, if I don’t hurry I won’t be able to get sb on this thing and get my 400 campaign poi- HOLY!

Make that 2 steps closer to a full set…

Just me and @TNSN both getting whites in the same ddocks.

Why the heck not? Oryxmas set completed!

And a random white bag from Calbrik. Thanks, old alien pal!

Here’s where I stand fame-wise, both base and total (you can also kind of see my stats over on the right). I’m not sure I can hold Enemy of the Gods for much longer (I am currently at 10.57% god kills and slowly dropping), but I recently got both Doer of Deeds and Team Player. Perhaps I will get Leader of Men, but I am still 896 party member level-ups away from that, so it could take awhile.

First impressions of the Oryxmas set: love it, love everything about it. The stats, while good (with the entire set, the ring is an Omni +50 hp and +50 mp) aren’t overpowered, especially when balanced with the lack of swapout options the player has. Good balancing is hard, and I admire whoever came up with this set. I also like how the trees it produces give a little bit of help, but aren’t something that provides a completely overpowered boost to yourself and others. Again, it’s good enough to farm for, but isn’t as broken as the alien stuff.


Ninja christmas st gang


Daily update. Did some more realm farming today, along with some sprites:

Feed power.

Probably going to save for a future wand character.

Feed power.

Feed power.

A famous YouTuber showcases a Pro Gamer Move™!

My uncommon pets really like me right now.


*Pro Gamer Move™?




Dagger #4

Oh, a staff! That changes stuff up.

Alright, just completed this quest, let’s see what I get…

Well, that’s the second Amulet of Drakefyre on this ppe. Cool.

Also, my ppe almost got rekt in a sprite world today; I stood still for a moment too long and took the full brunt of the paralyzed-Limon-shotgun-of-destruction. So I moved away and lived.


Are you storing the rest of the stuff in backpack?


Are you referring to my swapouts? I do tend to keep those in my backpack (for a variety of reasons). If you’re wondering about the other items I get, I usually either feed them or distribute them amongst the other characters on my account.


Not a particularly exciting loot day (I spent today with my family), but here’s what we’ve got:

Thanks! I haven’t had enough EPs this week.

I rate this tomb a if-stuff-becomes-unstunned-just-back-up-and-don’t-stand-there-waiting-for-heals/10.

This campaign is cool, but it’s a little draining. I also need sleep right now, so I’m going to call it good for today. Hope y’all had a Merry Christmas and didn’t just spend the entire time playing.


I spend my Christmas day at grandpa’s. My brother slept all the day, and i was so bored that i made pixel arts with iron beards. A parrot and a white bag, if you’re curious.


I tossed the Spectral (into my pet’s mouth) when it dawned on me that I was getting better offensive stats with the Oryxmas set, so that’s why that’s not there anymore.

Other than that, mostly some deaths today, but there’s some other cool stuff as well:

I reached 5k base fame without a single Lost Halls or Parasite Chambers run under my belt!

@Etfefycysd decided to try rushing on a 2/8 priest. At least it wasn’t as embarrassing as…

@Plantoil, who lost an 8/8 assassin whilst trying to drag Gulporg away drom the group for soulbound (same sewers as previous death, btw).

Another Yuki, that’s pretty cool.

And a kinda bloody O2, with deaths by @Xysted, @BearZerker and @Nanatsumi.

Ninja is coming along strong and continuing to push through with the campaign. I’m trying to make use of the double event white drop rates to secure a Ray Katana or Kageboshi, but only time will tell.


I had forgotten about the update where skins were moved away from orange bags, so this took me by surprise.

I think this is dagger #5 (I’ve gone to feeding them now).

Double red bag! These will go to use.

“Let’s just real quick drag Oryx into the narrow confines of a hallway where no one can dodge! There’s no way this will go wrong!” @Xzsawqe never had a chance.


Bruh stop getting the one skin I’ve farmed so much for lol


Pet fud

Yay pointy thing


(A lot of people don’t like ray, but I play like a coward and prefer to stay as far back as possible, so this is a dream come true for me.)

I am just past 155k campaign points, so the sprite/snake/castle/event boss continues!



Get good. I finished like 5 days ago.


I’m trying. My free time up until recently was quite limited.


I’m barely at 100k