JimdaFish's Okey-Dokey PPE Thread


My second one. Yeah, that’s all that happened. I got some winter reskins, but I think you guys are tired of seeing those. Things will probably continue to be a little uninteresting until I finish the campaign.

On the bright side, the fame gain is decent, so I’m quickly making progress there (ninja is now #183).


and here i am, not even at 30k


That’s actually a good sign; it means you have a life!


I don’t have a life, i’m at 90k, but i’m playing beat saber.


I think I haven’t even got 1k


Ha ha… surely you mean 10k?


Nope, just checked


Okay, I haven’t actually had many of the armor reskins this event, so this is cool enough to post.

Also, here is my ninja’s muledump as of right now:

I’m slowly bringing my God Kills and accuracy up, so I should be able to hang onto those fame bonuses for the time being.

My Void event loot

I did not run the Void event, so here is a picture of a kitten next to cheese:


I’m so dumb i fed the only armour I had which I got when permafrost was on during motmg


Nice fame

Nice fame

Yeah, a dps ring I suppose. Let’s screenshot that.

Well, this will be cool when I’m using non-winter sets (Unity kind of outclasses it with the full winter set).

Also, my ppe can celebrate successfully completing Don’t Die December!


uwu you have me locked


Hope for a thicccet event to get the op st star also why didn’t u farm for nil u monster


Well, I don’t like LH very much in principle, and I also have a tendency to get instakilled by enemies I can’t see thanks to large crowds of players who are obscuring my vision (as shown by how my last two ppe attempts ended). I’ve decided as a result that I will get to at least 10k base fame on this ppe before starting LH runs, at which point I will certainly try to get nil. And yes, I do have plans to run a bunch of thickets in the future (likely after the winter events are done) to try to get as much of the ST set as I can; jugg star sounds awesome, as do cwand katana and mbane armor. And the ring, too. But really just because I want the full set.

But first we’ll have to see if I can actually live long enough to get all of these items. It’s been over a month since my last death (the pally), and it’s at about this time that I usually end up getting cocky again and lose another character.


WHYYOUBAD dies due to badness.

Pet fud #4638

Got the Baby Yoda skin I did. Awaiting @Wilhuff’s comment about how slow I am at campaign I now am.

Dank ring.

Danker ring. (It’s garbage, but it was on my ppe’s bucket list.)

REAL nice fame (gotta milk that meme for all it’s worth).

A little more serious, got to 7k base today.

I lock every frequent forums user I can find!


That’s regular Yoda. Smh.

Also, hurr durr, you’re slow.


But I’m not locked :c


Lesson from today: nothing boosts one’s heart rate like running through a bunch of djinns and leviathans while armor broken and lagging slightly. I make good life choices!

@BobbyWong bites the proverbial dust.

Not the white bag I was hoping for from this boss, but I’ll take it.

I have one of these spells already, and I like it. I’ll hang onto it.

Probably going to feed this.

Probably not going to feed this.

Made a full stack. Not a katana, but I hear good things about this.

My uncommon pets LOVE it when I run sprite worlds.

Reality can be whatever I want it to be.


So battle for the nexus isn’t special anymore kek


I’ll open it at some point for people, but I’m afraid I’ve never been one for vanity items.


Y’all know what I say about sprite whites.

Well, I don’t have that skin yet, so that’s pretty cool.

Move over ub dex, I got a new dps swapout! (I’m calling a shatters white a “swapout”. This ppe is going pretty well.)

I decided to farm WCs instead of shatts, so I thought I might as well get one of these while I was at it.