JimdaFish's Okey-Dokey PPE Thread


Chucked a star at just the right time and got a personalized message!

You guys know the drill with these.

Another one? Sure, I guess…

NGL, I kinda want to use this one more.

Finally finished the campaign!

Obligatory Ornaments of Unity screenshot.

After a whole bunch of playing, I might need a little bit of a breather. We’ll see how active I am over the next few days.


Oh fuck this is a thing? I guess I quadruple failed this then ;-;


8k base, that’s pretty cool.

It’s not super interesting, but I just got my first non-reskinned hydra of this ppe. I find it odd that it took this long.

I’m still recovering from the event, so I’m not playing as much as I was. I might post updates here and there, but it won’t be daily.






Yeah, life got a little busy and the event kind of took it out if me. I’ll see if I can do some later today, though.


(Update will come later today, for now I’m just posting this)

Well, the ppe has lasted longer than I had originally anticipated. I thought I would give a little update as to what my goals are at the moment, and my thoughts on where to go from here.

It would be cool to get all tops for this character, so I will likely be running fungals and maybe nests in the near future to try to get wyrmhide. As I said in an earlier post, I would like to stay away from LH until at least 10k base fame, so it’ll be a little bit before I venture into any of those for a sadamune. Hopefully I can also get a ring of decades from a fungal, but give the droprate of those things, it’s unlikely.

In terms of UTs, I still need void blade and doku (I’ve been farming casually for them, but to no avail). I’m also interested in getting mstar and enlightenment at some point, so that will be more fungal farming for the latter. I’d also like to get nil and sourcestone, but that (again) will require LH runs. Omni might be a goal later just to get it (because it’s rare and very powerful), but it is unlikely that I will be farming just for that, given that my current ring gives better bonuses.

For sets, I would certainly like to get the Raijin Disciple Set, which will probably require a few hundred thicket runs, provided I can survive that. If not the entire set, just the armor and star would be awesome. I’m also hoping to get the full alien set, though that will probably require waiting for another event where the cores are a little easier to obtain.

I’m kind of just getting fame as I go for now, and currently have 30k total fame. I don’t have an exact target for fame at the moment, but if I could surpass my current highest total fame (43,609), that would be awesome. My guild hall currently requires about 60k before we can upgrade it, so that might be a good thing to shoot for, provided I can live that long.


Did you end up getting the blade of ages from machine? Vanities always make a ppe look pretty


I have run exactly one machine so far this ppe, and did not get that.


@Marvin give ppe tips here


Yeah, there’s no way I’m getting a Marvin-tier ninja ppe.


@Jamz got sat upon by the resident Spooki Boi. This was actually a couple days ago.

Ninja ppe has now taken the prize as my character with the highest base fame. Still waiting on highest total fame, though.

The Thicket grind begins. This could take a while…

I also got a spectral armor, but that isn’t cool enough to screenshot anymore, and went straight into a pet’s mouth. In other news, my ppe almost got lel xd-ed during a Miner event; a big mushroom charged at an unexpected time and our protagonist got to low-double digit health. Not fun. I’m also trying to get good at fungals (since I haven’t run them before-- I really don’t like being in massive groups and randomly getting instakilled by an enemy I can’t even see), and I am learning the benefits of being naturally jumpy in a place where enemies like to give you big, warm hugs.


Ngl you just described pub halls


you just described me and my two 8/8s


That’s why I don’t like pub halls!

So I’ve been trying to get my fame up on this character, and I am currently sitting at 59.57% accuracy on my ninja. I kind of want sniper (75% accuracy) on this character, and I am wondering what you guys think of how I should go about it; I want the extra 10% fame bonus (this would currently translate to more than 3k total fame), but if I farm, it might not seem as legit to me. I have also slowly improved my accuracy over the last couple of weeks (rising roughly 2 percentage points), so it might be feasible if I wait long enough and don’t screw up and die. Here’s a poll:

  • Go ahead and farm accuracy to get sniper
  • Dude, just learn to shoot straight

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Just use celestial blade and go afk


(Pardon the weird coloration on the following screenshots; I use a screen dimming app so my eyes don’t get fried as I Realm my life away, and the evening these screenshots were taken, it was acting up weirdly.)

Yay! Now I can… give my huntress another one?

You could have been any of the mighty quest whites. Any of them. And yet you chose arguably the worst one available (at least you have 900 fp, which my pets will quite enjoy).

I know y’all are missing the daily sprite whites, but I am no longer running those by the dozen for ornaments, so I’m not getting them anymore. Also, life happens and prevents me from Realming.


even f.lux is not that strong.


What if he had night light on and put another program to work


That’s actually what I was using. Usually it doesn’t do that (many other screenshots in this thread were taken while f.lux was running).