Join The Hub, A raiding discord for everyone.


If you are tired of joining discords just to get suspended for not bringing a 4/4 set look no further. The hub is a low reqs multipurpose discord that allows for raiders of all gear sets to join. Normal raiding will consist of whatever keys we get our hands on

here are just some for a start. Don’t Worry! I know some of you are thinking " well this sounds like low efficiency garbage!" and you might be right! However, the more members we get the sooner we will be able to open up vets and maybe even something more… So whether you are looking for the next private O3 maximum efficiency sweat fest or just a place to run with a tops set with your friends, we have you covered.

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Already happened lol.

And also, what are the req’s?


he said low reqs, so I would wager on scuffed survival phases and 6 shrinks

The problem with “low reqs” is that you are inviting weak characters, and often, beginners who don’t really know what to do. And not only do they not know what to do, but also their characters are very weak. Having low DPS in LH is a recipe for disaster.


W8 the minute… the req is identical to STD, heck the format is based from it as well.


The Hub’s:


exposed lmfao

also these are not “low reqs”


Why steal tebby’s req sheet? </3 did he give you permission?

either way i’ll be hopping in these runs, don’t let the negativity above get to you.


I couldn’t post to due to being forum restricted also no members ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Thank you so much for 50 members. The invite competition has been started with the prizes including 2 Deca for the winner. Please join and verify to become eligible for the rewards. I have a good vision for this discord server expect more than this.