Join us on Public Testing


We’re excited to announce that a public testing session is beginning today and throughout the weekend! Please feel free to leave feedback on the comments below.

Public Testing

Fame Rework - The main purpose of this PT session is also the most hotly anticipated! We know you’ve been eager for this promised expansion of fame bonuses, and although it has taken some extra time to prepare, we’re now ready for mass testing!

Agents of Oryx - This is a two-parter! Not only will you get to try out the current versions of the Agents of Oryx accessories to complete the sets at last, but we have also taken the time to make numerous balance changes to the weapons, abilities, and armors to improve usability.

Transparency Improvements - No more black voids! With these changes, overlapping transparent sprites should no longer stack up their opacity and become hard to see through.

High Tech Terror Fixes

  • New laser implementation

Happy testing!

Known Bugs

  • The Armors display that the effect will last for 8 seconds. It lasts (properly) for 3 seconds.
  • Some words may display truncated characters in dungeon bonuses.

Patch notes – The Fame Rework

I keep getting the, “You cannot download this build” error every time I try logging in.


it’s up now

it’s not actually up yet, the announcement is early


Ah I see ty!


Cant wait for Sseal bug 2.0 except its AOOSeal


how long till its up?


Yes please!!!


Later today, i assume in a few hours, No exact date yet


no u


omg claymore gonna be useful>!1.1.11.!>!.1/1/11?1//


hi euvo, when did you join forums!


Open up or riot


ive always been here, just never comment lolol


when u gonna give us agents of oryx rings



Please for the love of god leave the predator bow alone, farmed 4 of em in 1 day… please… don’t… nerf… it…


How do you log on to testing? Do you just log on with your normal account and set it to testing?


You have to set up an account for Testing.


Testing accounts are entirely independent of prod.

Near the top of the launcher, there should be a dropdown that says Production. Click it, set it to testing, wait until testing’s up, and then follow any prompts it may give you

You can use the same email as your prod, but you’ll still have to make a testing account.


is it not up yet? lol