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it is up now


Please no nerfs to blade of the assailant and predator bow… I wouldn’t cash on shards yet btw in case they nerf something very hard. Someone’s gonna have to let me know what the changes are bc I never go on testing


It says to “improve usability” at the end so I’m hoping it’s only buffs.


Open now!


Actually using a prod email takes your testing acct to that starting point. It is loosely dependent on prod.


image there appear to be some issues with dungeon completions


Is that on a freshly made character?
The last few times I’ve seen that bug was because of characters being transferred back-and-forth between builds with and without the fame rework.


Why are Beach Zone completions not tracked? It’s the only dungeon not presented there it seems.


Nah looks fine to me. Btw can anyone tell me what the changes are to the oryx weapons?


Can you add apples of extreme maxening to the shop, these semi maxening apples make endgame dungeons ridiculous to complete.


give 8/8 apples thanks


Pay attention to the bottom right corner where the nearby players are

You can see I am right by the player Helemaalzz, but they aren’t showing up in the nearby player list at all. This only applies to a few certain random players.

In this image, I am nearby a lot of players but they are not showing up in the nearby player list at all. I even managed to lock someone here and they did not show up as well.

Here is another instance, where my nearby player list should be full, but only 3 players show up.

EDIT #2: To add on, I cannot lock onto players at ALL while trying to right click their name in the ingame chat (if they typed) if they joined before me. You can however just lock them with the command.

This error occurs because players that joined the area after you only show up on your nearby list.


Some dungeon names (the ones with ') display incorrectly.


8/8 apples pls


What does the oryx ring shown do?


Is that a oryx ring? if so why is it ST :frowning: make it UT like the rest of the set >_>


I think it has to be ST in order to make the set piece bonuses work (ex: entropy), weird coding :man_shrugging:


oh it gives set bonuses? That’s fun


For clarification, there are three Agent of Oryx rings:

  • Mayhem Medaillon: base stats of +50 HP, +4 att, +4 dex, +4 spd.

    • 2 piece bonus: +2 dex, +2 spd
    • 3 piece bonus: +2 att, +4 spd
    • 4 piece bonus: +2 att, +2 dex, +5 spd, +30 HP
    • Total bonus, excluding armor/ability: +80 HP, +8 att, +8 dex, +15 spd
  • Autarch Amulet: base stats of +60 HP, +100 MP, +7 wis

    • 2 piece bonus: +20 MP, +3 wis
    • 3 piece bonus: +40 HP, +5 def
    • 4 piece bonus: +80 MP, +5 def
    • Total bonus, excluding armor/ability: +100 HP, +200 MP, +10 wis, +10 def
  • Ring of Wrath: base stats of +80 HP, +5 def, +7 vit

    • 2 piece bonus: +20 MP, +3 vit
    • 3 piece bonus: +40 HP, +5 vit
    • 4 piece bonus: +60 HP, +5 def
    • Total bonus, excluding armor/ability: +200 HP, +15 vit, +10 def


It’s nice to have rings for these AoO items now, I like the different stat layouts for each one.

I want to voice my concerns about the Bounty Hunter’s Dagger. Before the dagger buffs in September, I primarily used this dagger to shoot through event bosses through trees in the realm. Obstacle pierce on a weapon is exclusive to this dagger, after all; Very good selling point.
However, I take issue with the low rof on the new version of Bounty Hunter’s. Event bosses in the realm often have very small vulnerability windows, and the 50% rof on the new Bounty Hunter’s makes hitting these windows more difficult than with most other daggers. For me, this nerfs the niche that Bounty Hunter’s is centered around. It doesn’t need to be a high damaging dagger, but I do think it needs a normal rof for its obstacle piercing to be useful.

On a separate note, I’m pleased with the changes to Oppressor’s Staff and Henchmen’s Claymore. These weapons look fairly viable and fun to use, now. I look forward to brushing the dust off mine soon. The armors, as well, have much more reasonable procs. Very good changes regarding AoO, for the most part.