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There is an issue with the “Maxing” bonus.

  1. It should have all the stats instead of showing just “Life” and then, if you complete “Life” it shows “Mana”, and so on. All the stats should be shown, as it is not a sequence of things.
  2. It should not be a progress bar, but rather a checkbox. Either you are maxed at a given stat, or not.
  3. Having a progress bar causes some issues showing maxed status when the character is not maxed (due to some items) as shown in image.
  4. Due to showing just in sequence (wrongly) it is not shown the bonus of having maxed speed for example if life or mana are not maxed.


Is it for exaltations or smth?


Why were the tops boxes removed? This makes it so it’s only possible to test the AoO items as an entire set realistically, as opposed to just using one of the items or a partial set of the items (because tops would fill in the void of non-AoO items, otherwise you have lower-tier items or tops which you’ll want to get from running endgame dungeons until you get the right set… didn’t you guys want to discourage running nothing but endgame dungeons…).

If people abusing the boxes was an issue, could have made them limited rolls, but even then you restrict the ability of everyone based on the actions of, well, not-everyone.


Realm classic when


How can i join the testing? Through Steam?


I just keep getting this error message

AccessDenied Access Denied B6624AD6D3EE4D9B DeOO6Ud1wvkEagmpdES2kd2HYytJQa8kwtazV7aQM8p/6XfhTyiWe7DtkUnjTwhViWdvFvvCzXE=


Near the top of the launcher, there should be a dropdown that says Production. Click it, set it to testing, make sure testing’s open, log in, and then follow any prompts it may give you


is it working on steam yet?


Ok so fyi I discovered that predator bow is still the best bow, out damages void bow until liken 50 def


So I havent seen anyone note it yet for seome reason, but the rings are completly unavailable for everyone who came on past 11 or something
I would like to try it out wtf


yep, im on steam and it works.


I’ve never made a comment here but the fact that there are no 8/8 apples (or maxing candies or free pots or literally anything to make 8/8 chars) is really stupid. If we’re expected to test out relatively “end-game” weapons, armors, abilities, and rings, then don’t you expect that we should have 8/8 characters to test them on? Let alone the fact that many people may use PT as a way to get risk-free practice on Oryx’s Sanctuary. Only letting people get at best 2/8 - 4/8 characters is plain stupid. Thanks.


Just fyi, a weekend is never long enough to test a build of this magnitude - hence all the bugs we are still dealing with from the vault-update build.

Can we expect bug fixes from that build? The character stat bug, the random and annoying vault bugs, etc?

Do you guys have a list of “known bugs” that exist in the production version? I assume so, but can those be prioritized before launching the new build?

Character List Not Showing Correct Stats

I honestly think they should focus on fixing all the bugs instead of realeasing new content and just forgetting about all the bugs.


The worst part is, they’ll get tons of bugs reported during testing, completely ignore most of them that they don’t consider serious or whatever (I’m convinced they look at each bug fix as if it would increase or decrease revenue, and then either fix it or not), and then they’ll just push it to production anyhow. The bugs will just keep piling up.

Also I don’t understand the push for better aesthetics that they think the reconstruction is bringing to the game, but then the reconstruction builds added some vertical line dead-pixel bug when you walk into some obstacle from the side, looking very bad aesthetically, but it’s just left like that… but still claiming that sprite world needs reworked? Like no, the bugs need to be fixed…


If all they focused on was fixing low priority or high effort bugs that linger from previous updates, then a very large portion of their development team would be laid off. The artists can’t fix vault bugs, the designers can’t just tell the UI to always display the correct values, and the few engineers that know enough about Realm’s ancient backend architecture to make a difference are probably thinking they can do so much more good with their time than to make Ninja not disconnect when you use its ability too fast.

I would love to see this list in any form. I stopped playing Realm for a very long time and I often wonder if things are worth reporting or if I’d just be echoing a hundred other posts before me.


These rings are not in testing.


I must disagree with you here. If there are only a “few engineers” that know the game’s architecture, they should spend the time to train, learn, debug and understand that architecture completely before continuing to push new content (which as I was arguing before, will introduce more bugs and “break” the game even further).

I think this could be one of the main downfalls of Kabam in rotmg. They continued releasing new content that continued to break the game, and they would half-fix the content and continue releasing it, until I believe they had so much trouble developing any new content (because the game was so badly bugged). Just a theory though there, I have no real idea on the history or downfall of Kabam’s rotmg run…

Yeah it would be great actually from that perspective, so we know what’s known lol…

Edit: Also I expect 2020 with the lockdowns has been a very profitable year for online mmo’s, and realm is probably no different. So I think they could afford it, I don’t think that resources should be considered an issue.

Edit 2: I’ll leave it at that and won’t be replying further in this thread, feel free to ping me on realmeye if you want a response later. I feel I am getting slightly off topic and don’t want to derail the thread further… My bad. (still would be dope for a developer to reply to my first question XD)


In part yes but Kabam’s downfall was also through way too many micro transactions (which DECA seems to be increasingly going towards as well) and just not caring about the community and its feedback anymore only to focus more on breaking into mobile gaming industry. Plus they laid off a bunch of capable RotMG developers near their downfall.


Additionally, current things that Ive noticed can disconnect you:

  • Shooting

  • Being shot

  • Entering a dungeron

  • Leaving a dungeon

  • Being in O3

  • Going to pet yard

  • Going to nexus

  • Changing servers

  • Eating apples

  • Equipping oryx abilities

  • doing HTT in general?