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Then you have to consider the business side of things very heavily. There is great cost in hiring for positions like that. One does not simply “read the code” and suddenly understand how it works, why it fails, and how to fix it without screwing up something else. It takes a lot of time/money, and it can end up being a huge waste if any new hires don’t work out.

Zooming back out on the big picture, there are no game breaking bugs in Realm. We’re still playing and spending and dying like always. The recent vault bugs were pretty bad, but they’re mostly fixed now. Consistent disconnect in o3 miniboss? That was fixed next update. What else is so bad that it should stop the designers/artists from redecorating an epic pcave? I’ve only been around Deca for a few months but I haven’t seen any egregious bugs ignored for more than a patch cycle. They ARE fixing bugs, even if they aren’t the bugs you or I care about most.


If they don’t fix any of the bugs, it’ll just pile up until realm is unplayable because of all the bugs. They should have one or two programmers just work on fixing bugs as soon as they come out.

Why should the artists fix vault bugs? Artists should focus on making sprites and creating more content.

Obviously they can’t just tell the UI to fix themselves. That’s why there are people who can program who can fix these things.

But thats a huge bug which makes a class almost unplayable. But, thats why there are several programmers. Plus, if they think they’re too good to fix a huge bug, then what are they doing?


is the testing up cause i try to log in and it says pasword incorrect?


Are you trying to log in using your regular account? youve gotta make a seperate one for the testing servers


They should be now! It was reported that the box wasn’t up properly, and it’s back properly now.


The notion of a program free of bugs is one that is not realistically attainable for something like RotMG. It simply is not possible, and this becomes even more the case when you recognize that not only are multiple people working on interconnected parts of the game (and potentially connected in strange unforeseen ways depending on how spaghetti the backend is), but also that they have shareholders/executives to appease and internal deadlines to meet. This is what it’s like if you are working as a software developer, outside of perhaps self-employment.
To think that there is some idealistic fantasy where they “just aren’t working hard enough to fix all the bugs! they can make the code always so neat and tidy and no bugs! they should fix all the bugs in the game before adding anything new” is genuinely out of touch with reality and you will know this if you go into this field at all.
(I digress, but this is why I find passion projects/personal side projects that aren’t under the thumb of any company or higher-ups so enjoyable to use/play/etc. You can see what’s possible when unbounded by any restrictions and when people can design to their vision and not have it clash with the reality of lack of budget/lack of time/other logistical issues)

Subsequently, you prioritize major issues over minor ones. You may argue that the vault bugs are major ones, but I haven’t seen a recent report of such magnitude, and I and many others personally haven’t experienced any major issues with the vault (meaning that any major issues are rare and subsequently difficult to debug and fix). It’s not as simple as “make thing work please kthx”.

The thought that developers aren’t working on fixing bugs when they can is rather pessimistic too. Outside of perhaps a developer being dragged away to work on shiny new feature #37 (which is an issue caused higher-up), I’m sure they are hard at work trying to fix bugs and clean things up/refactor. There is no shiny “fix bug” wand you can wave around and suddenly bugs be gone. It can take a lot of work and debugging sometimes!
I think consequently, that’s the reason we still see minor bugs like the abilities rendering way too large. It’s just not the highest priority to fix.

There’s also the fact that designers != the people working on new front-end/back-end features, but I think we know this already.


Some of my characters that ran some dungeons (I don’t even remember what they did, probably some libraries to get the SSeal or something) have some bugs counting dungeons (In the 2nd picture I didn’t run those dungeons)


Why not realistically attainable for a 8-bit game like this? I thought the main thing holding DECA back was flash but now that’s even out of the question. The issues that people have presented here are major issues to quality of life and many major issues like addressing RWT with half-baked fixes that don’t even mitigate the real problem still remain. Furthermore, minor issues like vault bugs have been portrayed as ‘fixed’ by DECA while the problem still lingers (just because it’s not happening to you doesn’t mean it’s not happening to others). When you contact support about it, you get a BS response that it’s been fixed and you won’t be compensated.

That’s the thing though as already addressed, continuously churning out new content only makes the technical side of things with RotMG worse and worse as time passes on. Then we’ll end up with a rehash of events from the Kabam-era.


Every time I try to launch the testing server it proceeds to load half way through, an error message pops up, and then crashes. Is there anyway to fix this I would really appreciate


This is more of feedback on the nature of testing itself and less on the actual things being tested, but is it possible to not have prod events while testing is going on? If you really want good turnout for testing, then shouldn’t the goal be to encourage people to actually show up?


Killing off Flash is only the first easy step. The backend is still going to be spagetti. Rebuilding it without breaking anything is the real challenge.

I haven’t seen anything in this thread that comes close to that. Can you be more specific?

For the love of Oryx, please take this part seriously and delete the entire chat filter list.

I was hitting major vault bugs on every visit for the first day of the new vault. I considered that game breaking. Now I get a few minor vault errors here and there, and they’re always fixed by reentering the vault in the worst cases. I’d say the vault bugs were fixed, even though there’s obviously still some issues lingering. Realm has never been totally reliable like that anyway.


Ok, straight up this is not an 8-Bit game and trying to use that as a justification for how simple or easy it should be to make having zero bugs ever be realistically attainable is just asinine. It uses some 8-bit styled sprites, and saying that makes it “8-bit” in terms of programming complexity is like saying that Dwarf Fortress is simple because it looks like it might be.

Not to mention many actual 8-bit games had plenty of bugs, so that statement’s nonsense in the first place.

To be frank, this reads as incredibly naive. Artists do not fix bugs. Designers do not fix bugs. Engineers fix bugs and create the things that the Artists and Designers make. Players don’t buy fixed bugs, they _do_buy new things.

And the usual armchair-developer advice of “just” hiring more engineers means training each and every one of them. There are lots of actual studies (that I know nobody arguing for that have read) on how much productivity is lost on hiring new people and for how long, as well as the effects of diminishing returns on hires in engineering.



i was uh … joking. i didnt expect to actually get rings. thanks tho deca, i look like a frickin prophet now


You seem quite misinformed on quite a few levels.

First: assume that Deca is working within their budget. New content is where they get their income/budget.
Suggesting that they delay producing new content for the sake of quality and bug fixing is counter productive for a few reasons.

  1. It reduces their budget since they sell less content (For example, they sold tons of keys in this recent event.) Not having events and updates simply means they sell less stuff, and have fewer people playing the game.
  2. Because they would have a smaller budget, they’d also have to make budget cuts. This means fewer programmers available to actually work on fixing bugs. You see how this downward spiral goes, right? In reality, if you want them to fix more bugs, they DO need more programmers, more ‘manpower’ to tackle them. How do they afford that? The answer lies in content. They are doing all the right things right now, they just need to keep releasing quality content, even if it’s a bit buggy, and making money. Eventually we can hope that they can scale up and afford to tackle bugs more agressively.

You mention Kabam, and actually you’re very mistaken. Kabam took over rotmg at a rough time, when item duping was a huge issue, and actually Kabam did a really solid job at addressing it. In their first year they released tons of new dungeons, and they never had many big bug issues to speak up (Aside from the ongoing duping war.) Kabam’s downfall was around a year in, when they more-or-less just gave up. They stopped producing content and eventually sold RotmG to Deca. Deca’s strength over Kabam has largely been due to Deca’s community interaction, and regular events. (Kabam would make new ‘content’ but ‘events’ were always pretty tame and rare.) All-in-all, I’d say bugs were way more rare under Kabam than Deca, but Deca has clearly done superior. They’ve generated a much larger player-base as just one example.

The General Chat Thread

There is a bug with the vault where if you have a large amount of items in your gift chests you will have to stay in your vault for a long amount of time or nothing will save and no matter what, even if you wait it will take several minutes to reenter the nexus afterwards. All of the AoO rings seam to have reasonable stat bonuses and the new scepter is much better than before,




Just today, I’ve had so many bugs. The vault bug still isn’t fixed, my dungeon conpletions for ancient ruins aren’t showing, the fame bonuses are messed up, they’re still showing equipment bonus and the boosts are all wrong, it always shows the wrong amount of stats to max when you check on your character select screen, if you get your stats buffed it shows that you’re unmaxed there, a lot of the time quests show the wrong name or image, sometimes your buffs will be centered on the wrong place, sometimes even if you don’t have the full st set on, it will show you as having it, sometimes skins don’t show up, if you try to teleport to your guild mate in a new server it will still show the tp cooldown and you will have to type it out, the player list almost never updates, sometimes you don’t even have to wait in queue and you can somehow get into a realm without waiting, if you go against an object you’ll get a bunch of random lines on your screen, some players have names with random squares in them, some people have their text swapped around, the realm portal names still are weird, and there are several more.

The game has so many bugs right now, but if you think these bugs are fine, alright. But this is a pretty big game, bugs shouldn’t be in the game. And even if there are, there should only be a few minor bugs that don’t really affect anything.


That’s not specific enough for anyone to work with

This is even more broken in testing so I assume they are still working on this system

I would assume this is a product of latency

Ah, so the /tp command works? Thanks!

This bug should have a higher priority than most in this list

It seems that your spot in the realm is reserved for about 30 seconds if you are disconnected. This includes when you die.

Never seen this in-game, but maybe on RealmEye.

Is that a bug or criticism?

The rest of this list I would consider low priority bugs. Some of them will probably get a slightly higher priority because they’re new and those systems are still fresh on devs’ minds.

Lets not forget that this game client is still relatively new. 1.0 release was at Flash’s retirement. Even then, no game is bug-free no matter how amazing and well funded the developers are.


The list isn’t based on priority, its based on bugs I see on a daily basis.

The same it always has been, if you place something in your vault chest it shows it went in when it doesn’t go in and the item is gone.

You assume? Seeing as they aren’t fixing any bugs I’d assume they aren’t going to get to it very soon.

Yes it does work, but you shouldn’t have the tp cooldown animation when you’re teleporting to you guild mate. You should be able to teleport to them without haveing to wait 100 seconds or type it out in chat.

It happens anywhere even if you haven’t gone into the realm yet. I think you can spam as well and somehow get in before other people in queue

This is in game and I’ve seen it many times

Some portals are called stuff like nexus.portal something which it shouldn’t be.

Sure a few of these are small bugs, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be fixed. I think small bugs should be much easier to fix and they should be fixed pretty quickly after the bug is found.

Oh right and a lot of the time your ability will randomly pop out, whenever you try and check your quests it’ll say come back tomorrow which you have to leave it and come back to see your quests and sometimes it’ll show you have 0 gold and 0 fame. Plus, quests and the calendar should reset by itself, it should not need you to close and re-open your client. And, when you create a new character, it says unknown on the creation date.
If you want to see a lot of bugs, you can check Trivial Issues Thread you can probably go back several months and the bugs metioned there are probably still in the game.

Sure it is a half a year old client, which has had a lot of work put into it before it, but lets face it. Most of these bugs have been in the game for too long. Maybe they’re incredibly difficult things to fix, like maybe changing a realm portal name is a 500,000 lines of code fix, but it should get fixed nonetheless.

They have programmers, they have a shit ton of money from huge whales who spend hundreds every event, and they have a game client that needs fixing.


I like how there was absolutely no comment made on you having completed -374 manors…
Obviously something about this is real glitchy and not ready for prod if you can just do that