Join us on Public Testing


Prob not for half a year


Then it’ll open thrice within 5 weeks, and stay closed for a whole year afterwards :^3

In all seriousness, the earliest would be a fair ways away considering the fame rework is on the horizon, and the extra dungeon reconstructions haven’t yet been fully fleshed out, from what the blog post said.


I just hope (please, DECA!) that next time it is open, there is not an event going on in prod. I really feel like that is not too much to ask for. Maybe there could somehow be a small reward on prod for spending more than 2 hours on testing or something like that to encourage people to give some of their time to try it out.


the one this i want is 8/8 apples. 03 is so hard wen you can only get 3/8 with them.


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