Joshawsum's PPE Thread


t4 lute, that’s nice


damn, a t11 bow! I’ll take it, but I want a new armor, PLEASE.




damnit I got sickened nooooooooooooooooo. Better luck next time I guess?


boiiiis I’m back, and I think I have a good PPE for the wc event!


this one is unsuccessful, but I’m adding it anyway


nice att ring


lvl 20 stats!


nice bow upgrade


onto the next one!


oooh t2 hp




ooh t7 robe


nice att ring


yea so that’s all the screenshots I have today, but I will be playing later today, so look out.

Also shoutouts to @NoIsMyWord as he contacted me in-game through this thread and joined my guild!

Future: I think Wc event and the summoner team beach spider/crystal clear water has started today, so I think I’m gonna be grinding wc’s today and hoping to get a predator bow.


ayo I’m back, and I have new screenshots!


oooooooh, a new robe!


nice para hp


and here’s where it gets insane


6 TOPS! (but none of them I can use f) I’m going to be selling these, so if you’re interested, I’m selling the weapons and armors for one 1 glife and the abilities for 2 glife