Joshawsum's PPE Thread


That’s some insane luck, did you use a booster by any chance?


yea I did use a clover, so yea, but still impressive


Ok boiiis I’m back, and I think this bard has become successful O_O?


I wasn’t even trying to get one tf???


nice lute XD


oooooooooooh nice I alr have one so I think I could use it for forge. Speaking of which, what should be my first forge on this PPE? Ima set up a poll


I’ll set up the poll later, but anyways, nice dex ring!

  • Leaf Bow
  • Wavecrest Concertina
  • Esben’s Wedding Ring

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Poll is up! Which one should I forge first?


And that’s basically all the screenshots I have right now, so yeah.

Future: I hope I can get a predator bow, although it will be kinda a grind. I’m also 3 to max on vit so that’s also nice, but I’m mainly focusing on spd, dex, def and att because those stats are pretty good. I also want a pungi but I think if I do enough snake pits I think I can get it.


Hmmm which blueprint has Esben ring, do you know? I would like to make that ring sometime…


I think its in the nexus but not sure. Its a superior blueprint btw if that’s what you’re asking


frameskipped in a udl I’m genuinely so mad. Next bard will be my last, and I want to focus on maxing more.


The ring comes with the Rapier and Soul’s guidance. I got as a drop from some random dungeon… I think it was a LoD?


Huh, never had any of those items. Would be interested to try them out! I’ll have to look into that blueprint.


kk bois and gurls, I’m back, and I haven’t lost hope yet!


t7 robe


t8 robe nvm abt the t7 robe that’s trash now


t7 bow nice nice as always


good spd ring I guess lol


popped the epic chest I got from daily quest, was well worth it!