Joshawsum's PPE Thread


good dps ring if you could call it one


literally right after lol


oooh a gsorc


I think my man the red stone guardian is trying to take a break from oryx’s control lol


the game’s taunting me rn


apparently the pic’s too big but I got a ray katana


ok its works nvm had to make the pic smaller


boys I’m back, and srry for not posting sooner because I had internet problems.


sadge. samurai time!


nice def ring


OoooOOOh nice katana start!


nice nice as always


best ring in the game as always


oooh hp ring and another best ring in the game


nice nice cool waki


hi @Poloprock


pog expo champ


and yea, that’s all the screenshots I have right now, but I’ll be playing later

Future: Man, I can’t wait for the easter event, but I mean the main problem with the event will be Ima be playing on my assassin to get exaltations :(((((, but worry, I’ll try to play as much as possible on my PPE’s!


Hello! Yeah I died on a sorc PPE I was making. It had a good start, but ended sooner than I hoped it would. Might post screenshots on my thread later.


You got back, you died pog

( PRCSakura approves of Samurai )