Joshawsum's PPE Thread


so do i


frameskipped again, thanks game for red health frameskips


Hi quick tip on maxing. I find some streamer like 4lorne and then ask them if they can rush abyss and sews and other stuff. It is a great strategy


ok…? It’s not a bad idea but still…but yea I’ll see if I could do that in the future


Alright, boiis I’m back, and tbh I was kinda burnt out of dying over and over again on these PPEs, but I pushed through, and I think I made a good PPE start (not saying successful because it doesn’t really fit if I haven’t maxed any stats)


adding both of these here because they came from the same dungeon( also srry for the slow uploads either my internet or the realmeye forum are screwing up rn)


nice katana as always


would’ve rather had hp but still


also lvl 20 stats


OOOOOH thats really good


Just now popped my legendary pet skin AND I LITERALLY GOT THIS SKIN EARLIER IN THE THREAD CMON. It could be used as a good luck charm tho!


a decent armor upgrade


nvm I got a better upgrade poggers


ty game for not giving me the ring but instead the only other cyan bag drops I can’t use smh. Also gonna use these for forge on snake eye ring lol


and yea that’s pretty much it really. I’m def gonna be playing later today so look out for that.

Future: I have decided that the first three days of the easter event I’m just gonna farm keypers for either oreo or jugg, so not much progress will be made although I’ll try to do run some ddocks in between. Also congrats to the cooler team, Team Crystal, for winning the summoning blueprint poggers!!!


kk I’m back and I have more screenshots


was doing a thicket and I suck, sooooooo…


new samurai start!


ooooooh, and then I died bruh


nice armor start