Joshawsum's PPE Thread


t9 sword pretty poggers


here’s my imaginary exa hp


finally got a t9 armor that’s good


First white bad on one of these PPEs. Probably gonna use it for forge tho, as its just a slightly worse gsorc


ebic t4 seal. My set’s starting to look at least decent rn


Pretty successful Paladin PPE! Since the UDL event is starting today, I might just start maxing wis and hoping for the interregnum or a zseal(since interregnum is the last part of the set I need). Oh yea I forgot to add my lvl 20 screenshot so yeah.




Well yellow, I am back, and I got a PPE that is successful


The dye… looks like trash I’m not gonna lie


Very poggers gear startup


nice seal upgrade(also, I am collecting the sew marks because I got a quest for it)


back to back to, which is nice


Level 20 and ngl the stats are bad


sigh here’s my imaginary sky and abby


finally got the quest chest


Oh, goodness. I was zoomed in on the bottom image, and you made a new post that hastily replaced it and made me jump lol


I got trash also srry for the cover up




O_O wasn’t expecting that


nice armor upgrade in the same oryx