Joshawsum's PPE Thread


and I didn’t even try to, it was perfect timing for summoner! kinda sucks, got a para hp and everything :frowning:


summoner time!


crap ring but I’ll take it


I know its been reworked(and its a lot harder now), but Ima try it anyways!


look at the chat, this might be for the april fools ARG or hinting at a shatts rework


nice nice


somehow I actually completed it, and I got an upgrade!


so here’s my rules for the summoner maces:
They’re fair game, but I can only use them at +500 fame. The only tiered mace I can use is the t4 one, but the ut ones are fair game. Finally, I can only use the maces that I got from the current summoner ppe, meaning that I can use the t4 now, but not on a brand new summoner that alr didn’t get the t4 mace beforehand. Complicated I know


Animal party!


ok nice att ring (srry for the cover up)


just did a couple of machines(maybe a lot)



no wand frick


again no wand damn


man this game really wants me to play ninja


smh no wand




nice I can see the shots from here lol


and that’s all the screenshots I have right now!

Future: ddocks, glitch and keyper all tomorrow! seems really nice for gear upgrades, but I’m gonna be mostly doing keypers. I’m def gonna be posting a lot more since spring break’s around the corner, so look out for that!


kk boiis I’m back, and I think the luck switch really hit the roof on this ppe!