Joshawsum's PPE Thread


don’t forgot abt collecting the summoner free pack they never told us abt :frowning:


also don’t throw away ur shards yet, because that’s how you get the pet skins for the community event


also got an effigy quest! let’s see what I get!


cmon really? I appreciate the pots but I can’t use the tops at all cmon




damn I didn’t get the scepter…hey at least I can use this for forge


oooooooh nice although Idk if I should use it for forge. I’ll set up a poll, and when we get to 5 votes, I’ll close it.

  • Forge 3d waki
  • Keep 3d waki

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nice dye!


time to finally use the t4!


nice upgrade




for the arg guys, I could give you the second forgotten log since its tradable


backpack time on this ppe!


wand upgrade finally


and a dps upgrade this was a good lab!


animal party pt 2




And yea that’s pretty much it sooo yea

Future: Ddcoks, glitch, and Keyper are here today! I’m gonna be farming keypers, but I’m still going to be doing at least some ddocks and glitches along the way


kk I’m back, and srry for yesterday, had to finish a group project, but I’m back!