Joshawsum's PPE Thread


a.s.s reskin!


damn, the 500 KB limit is annoying, but max dex!


etherite POG!


technically a better t4, so I’m using it!


ayyyy nice can use for forge


and also that’s nice! I’ve been thinking, could I just use the tshot reskin, the waki reskin, and the depths mace to make a chipper? Ima set up a poll

  • Use the three items to forge a chipper
  • Don’t, only use items you get from whites

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And that’s really pretty much it! hopefully this knight becomes like my paladin, although the chances are slim

Future: Max dex and max att mean that I think I can start doing lost halls for the event tmmw! Hopefully everything goes to plan and I don’t die lol


Advice: Don’t play recklessly. I’d keep it boring until at least 6/8. See if that doesn’t save you some early deaths! Leave the trickier stuff to mains for now, if you must.


I guess so, then. I might just try maxing as much as I can today (playing rn btw) and then if I get 6/8 have some attempts


So the poll has decided! I will only use whites I get legit for forge. Also have screenshots from last night!


not many screenshots this time as a was mostly maxing … BUT POG UPGRADES!


max spd and finally got the best ring in the game!


IN THE SAME ORYX CASTLE! That was stacked!!!


That’s some sh!tty stats


Grind cults rn you meet reqs for pub halls and the event chest gives mbc items aka some of the best loot in the game.


smh I know also how long ago was that like bruh


Ik Ik, I was trying to get max def before I started, which I finally did last night!


boiis I’m back, and I think I forgot to add a future segment to the last installment of the thread -_-, but no matter, as today is when the luck is insane!


an edictum and a mystery key