Joshawsum's PPE Thread


my god… it FINALLY happened!(also I know I spelled shield incorrectly it was the heat of the moment)


dude helm runes are super common in lost halls, literally got 2 before this one, but I’ll take it I guess


6/8 on vit finally!!!


and yea that’s pretty much it!

Future: going to be doing a mix of shatts and lost halls today, although I’m doing shatts on my assassin for exaltations :frowning:, so there might not be as many screenshots as I hoped, but I’ll try!


welp, I guess I have to start posting about the death of the “dream” knight ppe


if y’all remember DarkElitos, he says he’s making another ppe video probs soon!


finally got the full set…


where to begin? I frameskipped during tentacles, and I’m super mad(not as much now, but still). I really need a better computer :frowning:


on a positive note, here are some really lucky failed attempts! TOGA LVL 1 TF???


not going to be using this




rip, that was a really good start


huh??!?!??!?! udl’s do be giving luck tho





an armor and an hp ring!


t3 trap!


tiered bow and the best ring in the ring pog


dps ring and a gear upgrade rip