Joshawsum's PPE Thread


literally so close to finishing the campaign!


oooooh more forge material!


back to back forge material I’ll take it!


How do you get so many white bags?


now I’m wondering if I should forge something now, or wait and then forge later. I’ll do a poll

  • Forge now
  • Wait until you get better forge material and forge better stuff

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finished a janus quest!


bbow, my beloved


yoo first chicken leg! really happy!!!


that’s actually poggers!


nice, I’ll take it! (note: this is the only ppe I’ve had where I’m having more trouble getting an armor upgrade than a weapon upgrade lel)


just luck mostly, also I grind realms a lot so it happens a lot!


and that’s really all the screenshots I have right now! gonna to be playing later so look out for that!

Future: Probs not going to be able to grind the shatts even on this character rip, but again I wouldn’t really have anyway since school’s back and today I’m just grinding the campaign. I see a fungal event in the future so that looks niceu!


heyo I’m back, and I have some news to inform y’all abt


damn cmon really, but hey, nice forge


max wis but I didn’t even realize lel




feels bad, also it was a coincidence @AnxietyX that it was in a wlab lel


During my many failed attempts…



sorc time!