Joshawsum's PPE Thread


hp ring





nice robe


and that’s pretty much it!

Future: I obviously want to do the nest event, but the problem is that my computer is constantly giving me frameskips. Any tips to fix the issue? I play at the widest camera zoom, so is that it? Idk really, I just want to get exaltations and do some on my summoner


This might be super super super minor but dex ring for Treasure Room speeds up even if it’s just a second


we back boiis and I got new screenshots! nice dye!


don’t even know what to say…literally first nest on the ppe kek


cool upgrade


rare chance to get this… just wanted to show that’s it


confuse + chase phase = :skull:


next summoner!


pog champ nice upgrades


nvm got a better wand


POG dude that’s a good start if I’ve ever seen one especially on an npe!


don’t usually post close calls but I actually got to 8 hp in glands and it was scary af!


but anyways, that’s all the screenshots I have rn!

Future: I’ve been recently having a lot of dc’s and frameskips after the summoning update, which sadly means that I don’t think I can do discord raids as much. What I don’t understand is that I haven’t had this issue at all until the summoning update, so is there anyway to at least improve my disconnection problems?


What is it with sews dropping 2 ( whatever class you’re playing, in this case summoner ) of the same weapons/armors


This happened before too


Idk sews just give a lot of free gear lol