Joshawsum's PPE Thread


also got an st chest from shard from the campaign, but this is a little disappointing. like cmon, could I please get SOME gear? #buffgoldenchests


luckily, that my last att to max, so I’m not too mad, but also I got a hallowed hide, which is decent I guess, but I alr have it.


and that’s all the screenshots I have today!

Future: Definitely gonna be grinding the lab event, and… O3 EVENT, O3 EVENT, O3 EVENT!


I saw that… :eyes:
You are catching up to my NPE in gear!

I guess that it doesn’t help that I’m putting off playing mine until I obtain that Summoner skin with the event…


damn ok ok, let’s do a friendly competition to see who can get the better gear, although I allow forge so idk but I mean you have the better luck soooo


People are encouraging me to use forge with blueprints I find, but I don’t know. Let’s see what the game brings us!


well boiis I’m back, and I have new screenshots!


t10 wand gang!


dude finally max def!


not a sprite mace, but that’s pretty excellent


finally some dyes!




…took me so long to find a mt that I actually maxed wis beforehand lol


ebic v2


huh… yea I mean I got one not all too surprised


Yea, that’s all the screenshots I have rn, hope y’all enjoyed!(also, the reason why I haven’t been uploading as frequently is because of school+ lack of screenshots so yea)

Future: defnitely gonna be trying some o3’s and I will be as careful as possible, also I’m going to max some more stats while farming glands.


rip to one of the best npe’s I’ve made f in chat. Taking a break from the ppe thread until after o3 event end (need my practice lol)


That’s really disappointing


i thought you had 762122 max hp for a few seconds


I can see why lol