Joshawsum's PPE Thread


ok some better gear


wand upgrade nice nice


ooooooooh, pretty good stuff ngl


elder nice


finally a better ring


poggg champ that’s something I wanted outside of fallen wand


white! nice forge


first quest completed!


second quest completed!


popped the ring shards and I got the best ring poggg


third quest completed!


final quest completed!


Then I went to sleep because it got super boring


This is my favorite ppe thread. Just so you know.


well, uhh, I’ve never gotten that before, but yea thanks so much man!


so yea, that was all the screenshots, I’ll be playing later today, so look out for it!

Future: I’m just gonna try and achieve every part of the “shard” mad god set, but since I have a slight break this week, I’m gonna play a little bit more over the weekend!


How much longer can you exchange marks for shards for? If you want to complete the full set there must be some time left, so how much? I didn’t even know you could haha


bruh the event started yesterday, and I think it ends on the 17th, so I have a lot of time


Oh nice it started yesterday? At least I didn’t miss much haha and plenty of time for me to get javelin


kk I’m back, and wow the covid vaccine did hit me hard, and also I was doing o3 attempts