Joshawsum's PPE Thread


rip in chat, was not paying attention for a sec


my udl luck has been insane, even ever since the paladin days


tcave and a t9 wand cool


was gonna use this, but it was almost oryx so I wanted some hp pots…


the game’s teasing me, seriously


and that’s pretty much it, I didn’t play much this weekend because again covid vaccine, but I hope to give y’all more screenshots!

Future: I might change up my schedule, since I want to focus on potting up my characters more


That’s kind of tough part about maintaining these threads. Some pressure exists to keep them going, but there’s other characters you might want to maintain as well… >.<


ayo boiis I’m back, and I have some new screenshots!


ayo finally, a nice robe!




wow deca, amazing update!!!


me when I get my first upgrade at 200 fame rip


hi @XBookwyrmX, also thanks for the white bag!




bro that’s pogg my luck’s really switching up!


back to back, thats niceeeee


O3, * sigh * you know what I’m gonna do. . .


completed beisa, and I got a nice cloth!


man, I was sooo close to surviving the full fight, and I even did a damagless celestial. Nervousness caught up to me and popped me in the form of a portal


and that’s pretty much it, I’ll be playing later, so watch out!