Joshawsum's PPE Thread


nice t3 skull


stacked bag damn


damn some nice loot


nice robe gang


best ring in the game


more dps that’s pretty nice


got an epic quest chest from dailies, let’s see what I get!


trash, I got trash


finally a better staff


rip, wasn’t paying attention for a second


and that’s all the screenshots I have today!

Future: I’m taking a break on ppe’s for a week, because I have finals next week plus I feel really demotivated to do ppe’s


YOU didn’t vault the Doom Bow?


. . .no, I should have tho


I hate that I have to do this, but @Joshuachen is NOT me!!! This guy even told me to change my name to stop the pm’s (ofc I’m f2p so I can’t do that) so if you want contact me in-game , my IGN is @Joshawsum

(also, I’m gonna be working of PPE/NPE content by next week!!)


Lol. every time i see him i say, hi not the ppe guy. started bout a month ago.


ayo I’m FINALLY back, and I finally made a necro that didn’t die immediately, horrray!


not great, but it’s still nice with some wis mod


nice armor


huh, two rings from the same lab


pairs well with wis mod, and overall a great upgrade!