Joshawsum's PPE Thread


an upgrade plus a white bag, NICE!


nice dex ring that I never use lmao


cool dye it looks decent


literally first cnidarian reef that’s a good start!


back to back that’s insane


got another dye and in my opinion, I like the contrast between the lights and darks


dang, already I have old tops this is an amazing start


and that’s pretty much it, I’ll be playing later today, so watch out!

Future: I’m gonna to be farming the event more, I just hope I don’t die. Specifically, I want an endless torments skull, but I can’t keep my hopes too high!


ayo I’m back, and I have new screenshots!


oh damn that’s pogg




new dye, it looks nice and pairs well like last time


not “mad”, but still disappointed since it could’ve been skull


ay finally a ring upgrade!


nice? never had one before but cool 2/4 on the st set


amazing, just amazing


did kinda jinx myself there from the last “future” segment, but kinda that sucks a lot


and that’s the screenshots I have today!

Future: Next necro npe attempt, here we go!


welp, its time to actually update the ppe LMAO. So yeah, I’ve been doing tons of o3’s recently so that’s why I haven’t posted much. Also, I’ve been working on a side project recently so I’ve also lost time because of that, but finally, I can start making another necro NPE attempt! Shoutouts to @Leohe since he’s been doing a PPE thread similar to mine, and I think its pretty POG (pun intended)


lmao almost lvl 20 and first upgrade def not a good start