Joshawsum's PPE Thread


max dex that’s nice. . . not from a nest which is where I expected to max dex but noooooooo I had to find and complete a sprite world


The only reason I stayed up last night was ONLY for the sole reason to get the 5th book, and I FINALLY GOT IT!!! also triple book but tbh I don’t care much ngl




a little disappointed . . .


and that’s pretty much all the screenshots I have today, I’ll be playing today, so watch out!

Future: tbh I don’t think I’m gonna grind as hard as I did yesterday, partially because libs get real boring real quick, and also because the new books dropping today are also dropping from the wc event tmmw, so I could honestly wait out the wc event since I’m more hyped for that one.


ayo boiis I’m back, and I have new screenshots!


finally a good robe upgrade!!!


more forge that’s poggg


best ring in the game AND a staff upgrade, amazing!


surprisingly I got a doku, but I’m not sure if should forge it. I should make a poll

  • Use doku for forge
  • Don’t use doku for forge

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why does mace of the depths have more forge than doku??? they come from the same dungeon, so I’d expect similar forge values. tbh I might just not forge for the reason that its forge is too low


forgot to screenshot, but I got a cloth from an o3 that I nexused from. Anyways, max def!!!


decided that since I was farming snakepits, I could forge an ep using the trash uts you get from them


alr got book 6 on another char, so I’m happy that I got book 7


the thing’s not that good IMO, plus it doesn’t have good forge so I didn’t pick it up -_-




max spd!!! wow this npe is getting pretty far ngl


legit FINALLY got book 8 hooray


and that’s all the screenshots I have today, I’ll be playing later today, so watch out!

Future: I wanna try and get the 9th and 10th books, but also wc event :partying_face:! obviously I’m going to be doing both and hoping to get the books as fast as I can!