Joshawsum's PPE Thread


rip, my brain became monke brain and decided to ep oryx, bruh

I’m not going to be making ppe/npe content until after I get all of the books because I kinda need to finish getting shatts exalts lmao also I really want the reskin nerfed crown so I mean. rip to one of my best npe’s I’ve done in a long time


just wanted to let y’all know that both trix (yes, the same one that I showed off when I got that skin wayyyy back when) AND MY PRIEST have both died trying to get oryx marks. Sorry to say, but I might not be able to start posting new ppe’s and npe’s until after I can rebuild those two. f in chat


…Are you ok? More importantly, do you want help rebuilding? :frowning:


yea I feel a lot better now, and I think after this event ends that I would def like some help :smiley:


so even tho I’m not completely back from rebuilding, I feel that I don’t wanna just abandon the thread, meaning that I’m going to continue doing ppe’s, but usually during events/when I feel like it.


anyways, onto my warrior ppe!


nice start!


alr alr


no exa hp, but I’ll take it


first davy’s, sigh hopefully I can actually get an st I can use (foreshadowing)


nice dye


cool upgrade


DAVY PET SKIN!!! that’s actually sick, I prefer this easily over the spirit pet skin


honestly these dyes look great, white just pairs well with almost all colors


first forge item!


another spirit dagger? alr I’ll take it


finally a sword upgrade


trying to crash the servers by buffing 249 people


para hp (ignore the ocean trench key)


epic quest chest, don’t let me down!