Joshawsum's PPE Thread


garbage stats but idc this is going so well


and an armor? (not exactly an upgrade, but more def)


and that’s pretty much it!
This is a good start, but hopefully the new events give me good as well lol


well that was quick, I blinked and then I died smh


Its been a long time, and I kinda wanna switch things up. . .

unstable anomaly only knight ppe? reply if you want to see it


If it doesn’t make you want to kill yourself too much, go for it!


Alr its settled! Will be doing it after I remax a few characters.


Its coming. . .


Yea I keep teasing and teasing it but the unstable anomaly ppe is coming either tmmw or the day after tmmw!!! I kinda wanted to work on my account since so many of my good chars died in the past few months and I’ve finally gotten to the point where I feel comfortable doing ppe’s again. My challenge for this ppe is o hopefully get 8/8 with this ppe, no matter how hard it’d be to get sb. Hopefully this works out, but we’ll see.


yea I know I’ve been delaying the comeback of this thread but its been hard to find a unique and original challenge. the unstable anomaly challenge was just too easy using a knight, since the shield alr hits sb, and I don’t its possible on other melee classes. So I’m asking you guys, what unique ppe idea should I do? I have a few ideas already, but I want to hear what your guys’ thoughts on this.
There are two rules for making suggestions:

  1. Must deal at least 40 damage per shot (not dps, damage per shot)
    2.Can not be exclusive/rare items, such as BFTN whites

Everything else is fair game, even ability only challenges. That being said, I’d like to hear your ideas!!!


You know my idea already! :wink:


I don’t know how feasible this is, but every equipment upgrade has to go in alphabetical order. Not start with the next letter, just contain it.
Although that would suck for white bags and such.


I’m back!


this was a kensei ppe btw




got the 50 schems, and I finally got the bp I’ve been wanting for a while now


para hp is always nice


got a pretty good bag ngl, t3 sheath and new armor




idiocy, just pure idiocy