Jugg sprite update


Was looking at the sprite for jugg and thought it looked a bit 2 dimensional and dated. Decided to make a few sprite ideas. the top right is the original, let me know what you think.


For one of the most coveted uts it definitely lacks details in its current state (barring nostalgia, rarity, and stats) it’s frankly uninspiring, so I really applaud your effort to try to respite it. I like that your design doesn’t go overboard with shading. Keep working at it!


a few with just the white and blue


I added some gold to see if I could get it to complement the set from Lost halls (breastplate Ect.) but not sure if it works.


If you want to make it work with the MBC color scheme maybe choose a different shade of yellow and white, but the blue on the helm I feel can really complicate things so maybe also choose a different shade of blue?


few more random sprites


It’s rare and useful (as someone who likes Jugg myself) though a bit overrated…


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