Juggler poison


Juggler poison


Jesters wow the crowd by juggling these kinds of flaks. This one seems to contain poison though.


Tier: UT
MP cost: 80 MP or 400MP/sec if held
While key held: Throws a poison every 0.2 seconds
On equip: +50 MP
Throw time: 0.5 sec
Impact damage: 200
Damage over time: 450
Duration: 3 seconds
Radius: 4 tiles
Fame bonus: 5%
Feed power: 850

Drops From:
-The puppet master

More info
I always thought it was kind of a bummer that you can’t just throw all your poisons or traps in one go. It just takes too long. Then i got an idea; what if this was a feature? The reason why we can’t spam our poisons like this is because it glitches out the mp bar if you spam the space bar too much so i came up with the solution to use the ninja star gimick of have an effect that stays in effect while the button is held down. This way the MP bar wouldn’t glitch out and you can just hold down the button. If you haven’t noticed this poison is just a bane-serpent in a smaller flask. The damage per MP on this poison is slightly worse than that of baneserpent in exchange for the spam ability.


The poison’s cost needs a nerf. At the current cost you are throwing out a poison stronger than t5 poison for LESS cost, and you’re doing it FASTER.


Holding down the ability key is pointless. You might as well just tap the space bar.


Good idea but needs polishing. I would make it weaker, but with lower throw time and tweak mp cost.


The point of this poison is that it surpasses one of the games limitations of abilities. You cannot use an ability more often than once every half-second. what this poison does is just a fast spam of poisons.


Actually, this poison does a total damage of 650 while t5 does 770 damage. I don’t see what you mean.


basically even better lag generator than standard poisons