July 2020 Login Calendar


@Nevov move to official events pls


You are very skilled at writing.


I’m actually kinda excited, I only need two more 20x stacks to get a skin!


Are the blue things those skin tokens? I assume theyre stacks of 20, how many do you need to redeem them?


80: https://www.realmeye.com/wiki/crystal-of-fortune


Are those, like, mini ambrosias? The middle one looks like that wheat beer thing.


1400, 2000, 2900 fp for days 9, 16, 23 respectively.


So uh… the crystals of fortune are basically feed fo us F2P players, huh?


unless they give out 2 more stacks


Hey, shush. I need FP. >:[




Honestly amazing FP month if you use the crystal of fortune for that purpose. I will personally keep them around for a while in hopes that we get another 40 in the future, but a stack of 20 I think is 3500 fp!


Pics of the three new Ambrosia fp items (with original Ambrosia for the set):

Droplet of Ambrosia Vial of Pure Ambrosia

Chalice of Ambrosia Ambrosia

I guess that’s a big droplet if 3.5x of them makes one Ambrosia item.
Or maybe because the pets chomp down the cup and all, the bigger fp items aren’t so pure… yeah that is probably it…

And a pristine non-drawn-on image of the month if anyone wants it :stuck_out_tongue: :

  • x1, x2, x3, x4, x5 makes the usual full 15 stack of Mystery ST Shards for an ST out of the current roster in Mystery ST Chest.
  • The usual x1, x2 of the Mystery ST Skin Shards (15 for a full stack)
  • x20, x20 Crystal of Fortune gets us halfway to what’s needed to get a Legacy Skin at the Tinkerer (x80 needed). Maybe there’ll be another 40 next month to complete it.
  • x15 Shard of the Intern is a full stack for a random spawn item, or halfway to a choice via Tinkerer.


Damn a god-tier pet food calendar… where are the vault/char slot coupons tho?


3500 fp each x)


DECA gave out like 3 of each already, it’s ok~


Didn’t Nigel say on reddit that they were going to give 2 stacks of 20 in the O3 pack?

EDIT: 20 mins after this post they added the crystals to a pack


Yeah but I always thought that they were going to guarantee 1 of each each month… it’s principle. Had I been a f2p noob that started this month*, I’d have to wait 6 months for my second char/vault as opposed to 5, if I’m assuming that DECA will continue to provide one char/vault coupon for every following month.

Principle. Basically, since this calendar doesn’t have the coupons, next month’s could also not have the coupons. Honestly, whether or not i get one-fifth of a char/vault this month doesn’t matter to me at all, but I’d be disappointed if I was looking forward to getting one-fifth of a char/vault slot each month.

*or at some point within this month where I would have been able to obtain a char/vault coupon through the calendar but not through any other source, for not every other source is guaranteed to exist throughout this month


I don’t follow. Were you an F2P noob, you’d only need 3 months as opposed to 6.


(hehe I got another sprite in the game)
(even though it’s a simple effusion-style shape w Ambrosia’s color scheme)