Just a PSA to y'all: Circling clockwise is better than circling counterclockwise for "Withstand this power" o2 phase


Try it. I see so many people either back off or circle counterclockwise but have to eventually back off for a sec because of the exploding eye bombs. You’re circling against the gradient.

You’re required to have at least 40 speed in my experience, but then once this happens, WITHOUT A PET, on a 0/8 class, you don’t get hit.

I’m not sure if this is viable on katanas or melees, but it works for daggers so it works for me.

You wave in between the daze shots, and the most you’ll get hit with is the 160 armor pierce one, but if you delay and circle correctly you should have enough time to avoid the next red star.

I yell this in every WC so I’m not sure if people think it’s a meme or not, but seriously try it. Monstrosity scarabs are more scary than this phase.

Now, if someone can tell me how to do dancing or exploding suns without being a healing class or having a godly pet, I would love to know.


For people who may still be confused, Korrect is telling us to rotate against the daze stars.


With a reasonable amount of heals and a divine you can actually circle counterclockwise and tank the scarabs


but clockwise is still more swag :sunglasses:


You could try making videos on some of the phases. It would be a godsend for newbies like me.


On a long-range class I like to stand kinda in one place, like at 5 or 6 o’clock to O2, keeping O2 at long range, doing small moves to let the dazes pass either side, then when the tomatoes come around :tomato: , step to the right (into the wake of where one tomato has just been), then back left after the next tomato has passed. Seems less prone to mistakes compared to circling, easier to back out if minions want to say “hello”, or just a lazier option. :smile:

On melee, hmm think I kinda do similar, I just don’t like circling I guess :stuck_out_tongue: might give your method a try sometime though, as I do hear others saying it’s better.


I no longer fight the bitch. He smells and does not drop void bow.


Dance phase: The trick is to strafe left and right or up and back to avoid the quiets for the majority of the fight, and then when you see a bomb coming toward you, you need to figure out whether you run left or right (depending on if there is another bomb aimed in your general direction.
Alternatively, if you have a max legendary and a prot priest, you can sit in between the quiets, heal when a bomb hits you, and tank the whole phase. I’ve seen a friend do this before, but it’s hard to get right and you can fail ez.

Skip to 2:14 for the dance phase from Seb’s video:

Sun phase is difficult, I think you best just watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P65lxdLZMnY

There are some ‘safeish’ spots.


7:14 for sun phase, he’s probably one of the only players in the game who can do this phase so cleanly. @mrunibro i think you’ve posted a clockwise circle gif/vid for “you cannot withstand this power” phase before

edit: found it



IDK, I just feel like o2 dancing is off compared to the o1 dancing phases, even though theoretically they should be the same.


Holy fuck mrunibro’s pog at this game, he’s basically hugging the new sun to maximize dodging distance but imagine if that new sun hit you…


Sun phase is significantly easier when soloing as the smaller shots are aimed towards you when they explode, creating a pattern you can learn over time.

In a group scenario it just aims toward the closest player and is therefore unpredictable at times


Yeah you’re right, should’ve mentioned that. But still during Challenger events, it was always him and maldir who were in during sun phase for like 80-90% of the time, petless. Would like to see a recording of those (doing sun phase with a group, and seeing how that changes)


Reading the title, I thought this advice was for the first and last phases (shotguns) - where it also happens to be better to circle clockwise.

Getting confused circling clockwise makes you run away from the shots (LEFT remaps to DOWN when confused), while counterclockwise would make you run into the shots (RIGHT remaps to UP when confused).

note: this is assuming you use screen rotation and are facing Oryx (consequently it’s also a small advantage of screen rotation in general)


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