Just a whole lotta polls


I don’t really care about music CDs, gifted flowers just die anyways, and I think a portable BBQ is slightly more than useless for me


It would depend on the cd. I wouldn’t use the bbq grilled a lot, but I could probably sell it, at least… if I could choose my cd, then that. If not, default bbq it is


I actually need a portable BBQ.

  • adding the pink bag was a good thing, letting items dropped by players and potions be the only things in the brown bag
  • tf no pink bags are an out of place eyesore and I preferred low tier loot on brown bags

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hmm what’s this hp pot or disappointment (items)


I’ve heard a lot of people complaining about the new sprites in-game, but I’ve seen some people praising them in some discords, so I’m wondering what the general consensus is on the forum

  • Old tome sprites
  • New tome sprites

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Oryx 3 Release and Patch Notes 07/22/20

Though change is scary and it makes me feel like I know this game less and less, the new sprites look a lot more like actual tomes than the old ones did.

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what about that one anime voice that can say whatever you input


Why did I spend time doing this :man_facepalming:



make a poll that includes it :p
I didn’t know about that one.

  • Sourcestone
  • Gemstone

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  • 72 hp
  • 110 hp

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  • Sealed Crystal Skull
  • Cracked Crystal Skull

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Can’t get 100% of ppl to agree on anything these days smh /s

@PRCSakura don’t you think that all rainbow tiered rings are viable and essentially equal?
When comparing sourcestone and gemstone, the only difference in stats is 110 hp vs 6 def.
When comparing superior health vs superior defense, the difference in stats is 100 hp vs 6 def.


They are but Vit/Wis tiered ring are rarely used. +10 Vit is not enough for petless challenge as it only boost HP regeneration by 1.2 HP per second.

I mainly use Dex (ATT if using DBow) on Archer, Huntress, Warrior and MP for Priest, Pally, Sammy and maybe Knight.

Short nonsenses I ramblin’:

For Vit, as a swapout for petless characters (Knight/Warrior because of high VIT cap). Wis… slap that on Sorcerer.

But still, the rainbow stat ring are not common sight because of “I would only wear pure HP ring, period.” sentiment.

I would put Sourcestone if I am raiding an endgame dungeon or if I have enough defence to spare.

Gemstone: Preferably on squishy classes (Robe and Leather), Pally and maybe Samurai.

But still, not every classes need extra HP to survive longer.


I’d still rather take Sourcestone on Pally/Samu.

EDIT: Oh, yeah, I should make another poll:
You’re stuck in a realistic battle royale. Choose up to three things.

  • Sword
  • Two daggers
  • Bow and arrows
  • Bow without arrows so you can whack people
  • Axe
  • Med kit
  • Fire striker
  • A plastic baggy full of Sour Patch
  • A bucket of gasoline
  • An assault rifle without ammo for intimidation
  • Fluffy animal companion of your choice
  • Pepper sprayyyy =D
  • $100 and pray for a military-grade supply store nearby
  • Vitamin supplements for you and a buddy
  • Multivitamins for your pet if you chose one
  • A 10-ton device capable of instantly killing all of your competition, but you’re also unable to use it
  • A working communication device so you can beg the game coordinators to let you escape
  • $5 Steam giftcard

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I can’t shoot with a bow. It’s that simple.

Maybe i should try in real life and not in virtual reality ?


pyromaniac mode:on

or mayde id take the daggers
edit: just realized you can pick 3


Until I actually tried, that’s what I thought too (though it’s hardly fair since the one I used was a hybrid between recurve+compound and the draw weight couldn’t have been more than 35-40ish). If I really had to choose a lethal weapon, I’d choose a bow, since I don’t think I’d be able to force myself to stab someone with daggers :sweat_smile:


The daggers are more tools. I would have a hard time stabbing anyone either, though throwing makes it better… maybe? I know I can throw a knife in real life. But my intent was to be more of a cautious pacifist. I almost chose the axe, but I’d use daggers much more effectively.

Also, I love bows, and am a pretty good shot! The highest strength I’ve gotten my hands on had a 80 lb. (36.29 kilo) draw. But it’s hard to do anything useful save shorting life forms or weakly anchoring a line, or something