Just an idea


What if the shield destroyed projectiles? It would act more like a shield that way. It would make more sense for a shield to protect the shots that are already there.


the shield would be utterly useless in 77.3% of scenarios then. if you remove the stun from the knight, barely anybody would play him.


I mean OP didn’t imply that stun would be removed.


in which case shields would be more broken then they are already


replace stun with it? no
keep it with stun? HELL NO


I mean I didn’t imply that I didn’t already know that.


not like we’ve seen this idea before…
moved to #ideas:wip


No. That would only be useful for 1 second. And the enemy would just shoot out more shots…


Would piercing shots be able to go through the shield though? The only way to implement what you’re saying is by making the shield quickly spawn and then despawn several obstacles with invulnerability to tank the shots. If the shots pierced, they would go through this and kill the knight easily. Also this is OP in places like the Shatters and LH bosses, easily nullifying dangerous shotguns. Not that it is any less OP than the current knight’s ability though.


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