Just Got Kage Shuriken, What should i do?


So recently, i just got kage from Garnet, and im not sure what to do with it. I happen to like playing ninja and im not feeding it cuz its below 1000 fp, so what should i do with it? How do I use It well?


wait till your maxed, then use it. i wouldn’t risk using it unmaxed, as it’s an event white


OK, Thanks, How exactly do I use it well? Like in Glands? Dungeons? or What? Does it change the play style?


mf when you think they’re talking about Kage Kami before you open up the thread


early o2, cdepths, abyss?, really anytime the boss has minions in front of it or you are clearing


OH ok, when i max one of my ninjas maybe ill try


Should i Change it?


Eh it’s probably fine, just a slight miscalculation


when you need to utilise the pierce funcionality




Keep it for a maxed character. I’d recommend you use it for areas like the godlands or when clearing dungeons since it can pierce through enemies.



Legend says if you feed your pet an event white the pet levels will increase



Legend says if you feed your pet any item the pet levels will increase


Irony is that your name is Kageboshi and you’re telling OP to feed a Kageboshi.


Shit , it just plainly shit . Doom circle work better


I use it for a stat stick for my ninja rather than for the actual pierce. Just use it if you want a def increase and don’t care about loosing damage like I do.


Well first of all, NEVER feed an event white. Lol


So you want that thicc 5 vit? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Of course who cares about that 2 def 5 vit is where its at \ [T] /


The Kageboshi is a special UT that sacrifices damage for the ability to pierce, as well as granting an additional 2 defense and 5 vitality.
This makes it useful if you can’t get in safely enough with your katana to pierce through enemies, which other Stars can’t do.

It’s also useful if you want to be slightly tankier in situations where you won’t need to use your Star often.