[Kabam era] Does anyone remember what Nut is holding?


I think about this every now and then and it haunts me that I still don’t know.

Back in the Kabam forums, someone started a thread to get people to guess what the Tomb Boss Nut holds. Nobody could get it right as far as I remember, but either the OP or someone else (I believe it was OtherBill, but my memory is a bit fuzzy) knew and was keeping silent.

Has anyone figured it out? lol I’m so curious


Uhhh a bow?


That’s what everyone thought iirc but apparently it might not be a bow?


doesn’t look like an ankh, but yeah thats what I found
or maybe that staff? idk


Oh maybe???


Nut’s the only boss out of the Tomb trio to shoot arrow projectiles, and the Archer class has a miniature skin of her. It doesn’t look much like a bow, but it’s the only thing that I can reasonably assume. Many of the sprites made that long ago (most likely in WS times) are pretty weird to this day.

@OtherBill If you do indeed know what the item is, enlighten us please :]


I apologise in advance if it was not otherbill who talked about it


Fun fact, Nut’s name is pronounced “Noot”, not “Nuht”.


EHHHH? The more you know!


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