Keeping track of what you have


Let me start with saying that i know this is a first world problem, but how do you keep track of what you have in your vault and on you characters? I’ve been using muledump until now, but I’m afraid it won’t work with exalt.


I just wing it.


Sorry I can’t. I’m not playing exalt because I need to know where my items are :sob:




it works with exalt




Does it? Then great, I broke it again.


i’Ll HeLp YoU oRgAnIsE. gIvE pAsSwOrD.





I actually have a gmail called ludwiga (not just ludwiga tho) saved for a future mule (or maybe its already a mule and i just forgot the password


I think it works with exalt, but not with the bard


Was working till yesterday, you didint break it deca messed something up with vault ids.

Give it time after patches check it.


Thanks for letting me know! it’s unheard of. All good now. I panicked for nothing, but better this way.

I’ll just wait a little before I play bard then. tbh muledump>bard for me.


MD appears to now be fully working as it was before, now also including Bard.

  • for the first day of the Bard update there was a bug that meant vaults didn’t show, this got fixed by Deca the next day.
  • until today any account with a Bard didn’t reload on MD, this now is fixed too with updated files on the Github.

If using the offline version, make sure you’ve got the most up-to-date constants.js, renders.png and sheets.js because it’s these things in particular that you need to make it display a Bard and its items.