Kensei DC Bug after latest update (v2.2.1.0)


Hi, i’ve noticed that after the latest update ( whenever i use my ability around quite a few people i end up getting DC’d.

I was speaking to some players in Oryx’s castle who were also telling me the same (not to use ability incase of DC).

Within a less busy realm i can spam however often i like however with a few people nearby even one usage of the dash and it DC’s me. Not sure if it’s the particles even though i’ve turned them off / low. Before the update i was using in the castle with 70+ without a problem.

Edit: Noticed there are already multiple threads on reddit about this so i’m guessing devs are already aware.

Video of evidence:


Good news, looks like it is fixed in the latest update today so i think this issue can be closed.

Edit: I think i spoke to soon :frowning:
It still disconnects when a large enough crowd nearby but less frequently.


I suspect this is now fixed as i haven’t disconnected in the last few days when using the ability near large crowds, godlands, and other places with usual high particle density. Asked a guildy too and he had the same results. Maybe others can chime in and mention whether they have disconnected recently (last day or two) when using it.


not fixed, i literally got DC on my kensei 2 days ago.


DEFINITELY not fixed. Get 10’s of dc’s every couple hours. Maybe even more if i used the ability without the fear of dc’ing. Was thinking of making a compilation with like 100 dc’s for Deca… Basically everyone who has played kensei the last couple weeks agrees with the dc issue in-game.

It happens most often near large groups or when dashing through mobs/bullets. Doesn’t happen that often when soloing dungeons and then dashing thru everything.
When completing any dungeons with around 10 or more ppl you literally cannot use ability or you are 99% guaranteed to dc from the dung at some point.

I wonder why it’s not really talked that much about outside the game.

PLEASE comment your experiences about this issue to this topic and try to spread info about this to devs if you can.
Hope they see/acknowledge this.


Yeah i share your frustration in not knowing if using ability will DC or not. It might have reduced for me recently because of server load, not sure. I’ve been playing in EUW but not at peak times so it could be that.


I tend to DC more when I use my ability more. It feels similar to when you used to be able to spam your ability in the Tinkerer and DC from that, though obviously not quite the same thing. And I use my waki a lot; even if I don’t dash atop enemies, I’m dashing to the area right in front of my face both to launch the shots, and also to spawn the ST Waki tornadoes. I get DC’d every few minutes on average


I’ve just stuck with playing mundane unless absolutely necessary. Hope they patch this one soon.


Several DCs in short succession in crowded realms today as soon as I use my ability.


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