Knowing when someone is in game instead of just "HIDDEN"


Maybe if someone was seen in the last 2-30 minutes, it would have a green icon that says “online” or just “last seen 15 minutes ago” next to “hidden”. I don’t want to know where this player is, I just want to trade this guy without pming him 5 times and failing because he might have long load times.


Not a bad Idea however Realmeye is all for player privacy so there would be a separate option to hide that as well if it were to be added.


I’d agree to that.


I only ever PM someone once to trade. If they don’t answer then they are AFK, or too busy in Realm/a Dungeon, or simply don’t care to answer.

PM me 5 times while I am too busy to reply I will block you. In fact it will probably only take three PMs to get blocked. Really, don’t do it. PM someone once. If you are going to do it again then wait a short while in case they are too busy/miss it. But no more than that, it will just annoy people.


pming him 5 times and failing


If I PM someone and the server says they cannot send the message I assume they are offline. I might try again later, if I still want to trade, though normally I find someone else to trade with.


or who knows what if they trade a lot and constantly vaulting and servers change for trade

just a thought


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