L-Hall/Shatters Dillema


So, to start, I don’t use Discord, and I don’t plan on using it in quite a while. I have 2 L-Halls and 2 Shatters keys, and being a newbie, I frankly don’t know what to do. I’ve posted this question on a different discussion, but by recommendation of @Kittie, I made it into a topic. My main questions are, “When do I use them”, “Should I request payment if I pop it for a guild”, “Would a guild let me go with them if I popped it”, and “How do I know that the guild I’m popping it for will keep their promise and pay me”. Thanks, any help is greatly appreciated.


Pop it for a group, whether it be guild or organized group. You shouldn’t ever pop first, even if they refuse to pay up. Most guilds are willing to chalk up 2 - 3 Life for them, and if they don’t, you can look for another one. The demand for keys is much more than there are people supplying them, so just be patient. If you want to run with them, I’d say most guilds would allow you (ask beforehand if you really want to go). Try not to bring valuables in case you die (unless you’re confident). But that’s somewhat contradictory, since if they just paid you, you’re gonna have 2 - 3 Life on your character while running.

TL;DR: Don’t pop first, ask if they’ll let you run with them beforehand, and try not to bring too many valuables. Since you did say you’re a newbie, IDK if you’d really risk running Shatts and LH’s.


Whenever you feel you’re ready to do them. You’d need a group, and if it applies, experience, so you don’t waste the key. Either that, or you can just pop it for someone else.

Up to you really. I’m not sure what prices are these days but you can look at the trading section of realmeye to get an idea. Just make sure you always get your payment outside so no one tries to scam you out of your key.

This one is up to the guild. Some might not like it, some might be ok with it, just be sure to ask if it is alright for you to tag along

I Always go for payment before I pop the key. If they don’t want to pay me everything they owe outside, then I don’t do the trade at all.


That’s why I asked when I should :slight_smile:


In that case you should worry about doing your shatter and LH keys when you are confident you can successfully complete them


So, What ive gathered from other posts is, get L20, do dungeons, get 2/8, get better gear, then continue maxing and then do harder dungeons?


Yeah I guess that works


Thanks for moving it to Q&A, Nevov. :slight_smile:


I’ve already told you my opinion, but keys are important to me, so here I go again.

As somebody else said in another thread, if your keys are still in the gift chest, just leave them there for now while you make up your mind. BTW Deca should give out OTs and tombs to beginners.

There are wiki pages about these dungeons that explain how difficult they are, and what level and skill are strongly suggested:
Shatters guide
LH guide

You can also watch videos about them, but can’t suggest any personally b/c youtube guides bore me.

If you’ve taken them out already, and you want the vault space for something else, then I would consider these options:

  • Open publicly in a realm and join if you like. You could get donations, or probably not. There’s a chance shatters will be completed, I haven’t see an entire LH done publicly yet. Only reason to do this tbh is if you want to see for yourself what the dungeons are about (note at end).

  • Sell your keys to someone who has an offer / responds to your offer on realmeye, get your payment and leave. I don’t like to get paid and join, also your payment is probably comparable to the loot you can expect from the dungeon, so why would you risk dying when you already have it?

Inside/outside payment
I get paid inside, I’ve sold many keys and got scammed only once, but if you want/insist on being paid outside then OK.
If you open in a bazaar, you can kick the players out of the dungeon, so I don’t really see why/how someone would get you to open the key and not pay you.

My preference for selling: a small/ medium group of people, possibly from the same guild, not tagged as scammers on realmeye, not members of a crashing/ cheating guild, no weird trade offers on realmeye (eg deca ring for 5L), regular customers (if you sell many keys), look serious about the dungeon.

I want to join to see what the dungeon is about
Sure, but don’t do it with your own key. You can try public shatters when they drop form the avatar, just be ready to nexus if you’re in danger. I dislike discord as well, but I’m afraid that’s the only way to do LH if you’re not in a guild that can do them. Shatters with discord are also fairly easy and safe and fun if the group is not too big (no event). Just install discord, remove it form the programs that start automatically when you turn on your PC and use it only when you need it.


For Shatters, there are lots of vids out there, I’d recommend watch one that shows a group of 5-10 players in it, since that’s about average. There’s lots of pitfalls and it does take a few attempts (and fails) before you get wise to what it can throw at you. Public Shatters, ~95% fail because people screw it up in the first 20 seconds, activating too many enemies and it turns to chaos, so I really would not open it publicly.

If you aren’t aware, people wanting to buy keys will post an offer on the trading pages here on RealmEye: https://www.realmeye.com/offers-to/buy/3293 (using Shatters key as an example).

It’s hit and miss whether buyers will also agree for you to join. Most I’d think won’t want you to, since they will be already prepared with what they expect from buying the key, and the standard is the seller sells it and that’s the end of it.

But you never know. Though you should expect people would want a discount on what they pay you if you also are joining in. So it would be perhaps best to decide ahead of time whether you only want the fast profit from the sale, if so sell the key and move on. Or if you want to join for experience, offer the key and ask to join, but be honest with them that you have no experience since then both sides know where they stand and there’s no misunderstanding.

Shatters is a dungeon that rushing ahead can screw it up, but if you hang back it’s very do-able. Though watch some vids of the bosses so you aren’t surprised by their phases. And don’t be surprised if you die, since there’s so much that can send you into a bad spot if unware. The good thing is it’s chest loot so you don’t need to worry a jot about attacking, only surviving.

Edit: Shatters is one of the toughest dungeons so I wouldn’t rush to get it done, if you need the inv space just sell the key now and come back to Shats after you’ve conquered all the easier dungeons!
& LH: I’ll say just ditto to what @Kittie said about Discord being kinda required for that one.


I actually think you should just store those keys for ~3 months. A lost halls/shatts event is sure to pop up, and apparently you have only been playing for 7 days. Dunno how you got the keys, but save em for later.


Starter Kit. Not a complete “Whale” here, so to speak, but I bought the Starter Kit, and along with it, the May Monthly pack. Came with multiple keys, some backpacks, Instant Level 20 Pots, and I think 2 shamrocks? The keys were Ocean Trench, Tomb of the Ancients, 2 Shatters, and 2 L-Halls. I already popped the Ocean Trench after a Shaitan Dungeon with like a ton of other people that basically acted as meat shields for me. (Got a backpack, so not bad) , got payed 2 defense pots by one guy, and 2 speed and 1 Dex by another, PLUS, I went through it, and survived. I got EXP, however, no loot.

Forgot to mention after writing this, I lost all the potions when my good archer died. There’s a pic in my other post about newbie tips.


Do not pop Lost Halls for any public group, do it for a small group that is private. If you find the right people you may get paid immediately after entering, which is convenient because it allows you to get profit and not die, though not do the dungeon either. Can certainly be worth it if you play safe in the rest of the game. I would not recommend trying to do a Lost Halls yourself unless you find a competent guild that will teach you, trying to learn outside of a discord is very difficult and prone to killing you repeatedly. I did 50+ with discords before being comfortable doing ones that are popped in realms, and even then I often fail or take an hour or more soloing them on 8/8s with great gear and above average experience. Only do a Lost Halls with the expectation that you will die, and be ok with losing that character, at least until you are much more experienced.

For Shatters, do public ones first, like others said. If USMW2 is your main server we are actually very good at not ruining Shatters, though there are often a good amount of people that nexus and make it look like we fail more than we do. Practice rushing through first, and be ready to nexus a lot. When you do pop, make sure there are mystics and huntresses. A mystic with a t6 orb will buy you 6+ seconds, more than enough for a good group to clear everything, and huntress slow or ctrap will make it that much easier if you don’t have enough time, though huntress is far less important than a mystic when you pop. Similar to Lost Halls, expect death and be ready to lose your character, if you aren’t then don’t.

Overall, I’d say max spd at minimum before doing any of these dungeons, and also preferably def. Having 6 hp pots would be helpful as well since you don’t have a good pet yet. I would also suggest that if you are still playing in a few weeks, or have extra gold left, to consider investing in more character slots. Many people will have their good characters that they play, and halls characters that have good enough gear for halls, but not good enough that dying hurts. Being able to have an extra char that is good enough for these dungeons but doesn’t risk losing your best char can help a lot with learning and not getting discouraged.


Saw a meme about the shatters. “This is quite a nice not messed up shatters you have here” “It would be a shame if I were to” “RUIN IT” and the ruin it part has a knight with a blue orb. I assume this summons a huge monster?


Probably the ice mage, summoning the ice sphere- it is a common mob in the shatters. The ice sphere is particularly dangerous since after a few seconds it charges players, which usually results in death due to the juicy damage it does.


Saw you in a dungeon, just saying. Cheers!


Oh yeah you were the guy flexin’ his bow drops right? lol. Good for ya buddy.


BTW, if you really want to do end game dungeons you will have to use discord. Pub shatters has reasonable requirements (2/8 attack/dex) and is very safe compared to shatters done outside discord. Shatters done by random (unorganized) people will most likely get you killed.


A tip about these dungeons: First of all, get discord. It’s going to make your life so much easier, and I don’t see why not.

Shatters: Meat shield easy, no need to take almost anything, just stay in the back of the group and you’ll be fine. (Rec 33+ spd or Speedy buff class) There’ll be some sketchy moments, which is why its better to have discord so you can stay coordinated, but otherwise its a much easier dungeon than

Lost Halls: The true test for new players. Almost all bullets pierce players, so there’s no meat-shielding. You WILL die if you do not have high def (30+ rec).


You either let them sit in the vault, or you compromise and use discord. Not a whole lot of people are buying Lost Halls keys, seen from RealmEye trading in general, and on the trading discord server.