Labyrinth (idea)


The Labyrinth drops from the Minotaur In Godlands. The Minotaur king doesn’t show up in map in dungeon, but Daedalus does. He entire dungeon is three tile wide passages made of sandstone, and sometimes breakable sand. There would be occasional traps (fire traps, closing walls with enemies that you have to kill before they open, etc.). You would find enemies every so often such as the mini Minotaur (which would drop tartar sauce at a low rate). The Minotaur king is roaming around the dungeon at a slow pace and is invulnerable to all attacks. If you see him, turn the other way (deals lots of damage, but only if you get really close). Eventually, you will find an actual room with nothing in it and a corridor leading to the room with Daedalus. Once you find this room, the Minotaur king will run at a very fast pace not attacking until it reaches this room. The bossfight is against the Minotaur king in this room. I haven’t worked out the bossfight yet. Once you kill the Minotaur king, you can go to Daedalus and save him. Daedalus will thank you and run back to the portal of cowardice and disappear. He will leave behind all of your drops.

I am very new to this and this is just a concept. I have no idea how to properly make a bossfight or have balanced enemies and also drops. I also have no idea how to sprite things so if anybody wanted to help me out it would be greatly appreciated. I also made this on my phone so sorry for the horrible sentences and formatting.

Edit: I had some other ideas for enemies. One of them could be a Lost Kri-Kri (Cretan Goat) that when it sees you in it’s one tile line of sight, it will charge in that direction, but only in the direction of the hallway. Another enemy idea is the lunatic/corrupted/another synonym Hero and Queen. This is based off of the actual Labyrinth myth, except here, instead of killing the minotaur they get lost and turned crazy. The queen could perhaps heal the hero, and the hero would deal high amounts of damage and would be extremely hard to kill without killing the queen first.


Love the concept!
The three-tile hall will be very difficult for fighting, and i feel like fight rooms should be larger. You could probably think if a unique idea for that based on the concept of the Labyrith.

Also can we call the mini minotaur a Minitaur? Please?


I like the concept! RotMG does involve a bit of Greek mythology, so the theme fits quite well.

Perhaps there could be a Pet Skin with this name.




What would be better for the passages? I feel like a labyrinth would have less rooms and more of just hallways. Maybe the entire thing could just be very wide hallways?


I think if you design the right kind of enemy you would be able to pull it off. Enemies with a somewhat predictable pattern, or maybe just a bunch of chasing enemies. I think a cool idea would be to have a few areas that force you to fight. Maybe once you step on a specific row of tiles, you are trapped within an 8x8 (as an example) arena, and enemies come at you from all sides. Similar to the fungal cavern room before the boss where the drill exposes enemies on either side, but in this case you would be in the center and they would all target you. You can have various rooms with different types of enemies: Turrets, enemies that run away from you, enemies that chase you, enemies that charge you, and enemies that circle you. Maybe enemies that walk and enemies that fly (ignore obstacles).
This would allow for some challenging combinations. Additionally, throughout the dungeon I think there should be some hazards like lava, slowing tiles, and maybe a small zigzagging path where you can shoot over the gap but not walk over it (same for enemies). Some of these can be implemented in the arenas.

Thats just my idea for how to make fighting possible in narrow hallway, but I’m sure there are tons of other ways to do it


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