Lack of Immunity Frames


There should really be immunity frames in ROTMG. You know, like any other normal video game? Stuff like this wouldn’t really be a problem:wmplayer_2020-02-25_12-14-22

Update: A lot of people are persistently convinced that immunity frames are a bad idea because of a number of reasons, mostly for the lack of knowledge and the fact that it says “immunity” in it. I’ll go over a few things so we don’t hear repeats.

What are immunity frames?: Iframes are a conditional system in which collisions between the player and the object hurting the player, gives the player a short length of time (usually a couple of frames, hence the name) where they’re immune to other damage collisions. Simply put, it’s post-hit invulnerability.

Immunity frames in RotMG: In the case of RotMG, iframes will essentially get rid of the word “popped” from colloquial use in the RotMG community. Enemies that shoot a million projectiles or stacked projectiles will yield damage equivalent to that of one projectile. Keep in mind that running into a god wall in the mountains will still very instantly kill you, it’s just that it wouldn’t happen in one frame.

RotMG was designed without immunity frames in mind: Exactly, the developers never had the idea in their mind in the first place. Keep in mind, RotMG was a game jam creation, meaning it was made for a contest without bigger intentions behind it. Wild Shadow Studios never implemented the mechanic because the thought never occurred to them.

Pets will make iframes overpowered: The fact that you need pets in the first place to do dungeons easily is a problem with the funding portion of the game. I think if pets were more accessible to new players, there would be a good reason to keep dungeons hard. Iframes will just make it so that you don’t instantly die to nonsense. What good are pets if you’re standing on top of the Avatar of the Forgotten King?

People would just take shots for other players: It’s incredibly easy to set a condition where the projectile pierces through the player if they are invulnerable from iframes.

People will exploit this mechanic and be gods: Then fix it. Most video games have iframes and most video games don’t have an invincibility glitch. If it’s a mod or a hack then ban the player.

Damage Delay

That Bee has insta kill on…


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The design foundation of RotMG was basically “let’s do everything to be different, even if it sounds incredibly stupid”.

The worst part about this is that I’m not even sure immunity frames would help you because I don’t think they’d work properly with lag (for example, if lag causes all the shots to stack and hit you at once then the first hit would kill you and your immunity frame would only start after you’re already dead).


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It would be nice. They don’t even have to be very long. Something like 100ms would be enough to bring a glitched shotgun like the OP down to painful but manageable levels while not making facetanking substantially safer.


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Immunity frames would just give people an excuse to not dodge, a good alternative would be to anticipate that something like this might happen and nexus/altF4. Better to live and fight another day than lose your char for 2 dex or a measly life pot.


Immunity frames is certainly a game design aspect that I’m implementing in my realm inspired game.

However in base RotMG, immunity frames would absolutely cheese all non piercing shot patterns in the game. A player could intentionally or unintentionally eat all of the shots at once, and prevent them from hitting other players further down a shot’s lifetime. This issue does not happen if the shots in questions peirce players, but as it stands, there are a large amount of non-player piercing shots in the game.


RotMG is a perma-death, bullet spam, bullet hell. It NEEDS iframes.


This is incorrect. The lack of iframes was because the core game mechanics were based on a cosmetic pet game. When Kabam sundered the game with pet abilities, it threw all the balancing that Wild Shadow implemented out the window. Vitality, dodging, defense, health, these things used to be important.

So in our current state of the game, where the early game is basically a walking simulator with a pet, and end game is supposed to be challenging, Kabam and Deca has just increased the amount of damage and enemy shenanigans on screen to provide a fast paced, high stakes situation for the pet meta.

However, the bullet hell that I fell in love with all those years ago, was plentiful low damage shots. Health should be weathered down, not instantly one shot. As the game became more difficult, yes, there was more powerful enemies such as Oryx 2, Tomb of the Ancients, etc. But all those bosses used dodging and shot patterns to create a challenge. Various dungeons since then have sort of emulated this, with the Queen Bee fight or LH 2.0, but because of the pet meta, shots are scaled up to end your characters.

Because of these circumstances, iframes will never be implemented. The game is already unbalanced, but the ability to negate that character ending shotgun will make the current end game meta meaningless. Do I agree that the current design philosophy is fair or balanced? Hell no! However Deca is fully aware of this issue, and are making attempts to nerf pets, however when such a patch will be released, if ever, I do not know. I only recall the forum post detailing it. If it does not occur, then the game will remain the same. If it does happen, I will enjoy the challenge and fun it’ll bring back into the game.


How do I say this? Uh, a 0/8 level 1 wizard can die just as instantly in the mountains as some 8/8 knight t13 weapon, t6 shield, t14 armor, t6 hp ring.

I also understand that players spent money on pets, so removing pets wouldn’t be a good idea. That’s fine. Iframes can still work. There’s something called upping the damage, balancing the difficulty, or increasing the enemy spawn rate with more players, or not making it so you can nexus instantly (which I think is why they kept iframes removed for the most part because they couldn’t figure out what to do with players who alt f4 or crash), or requiring that certain dungeons need certain stats max in order to do it easily or at all, or targeting mechanics to target powerful players. There’s a lot of things they can do to keep the game hard. Actually, it’s perma-death and I think that’s hard enough, in my opinion. Iframes won’t take away from the game if DECA knows what to do.

It would actually make the game not the worst video game ever created of all time. Also, there are ways to fix that. SO MANY WAYS! One off the top of my head, shotguns upclose do more damage than far away. Kind of like, real shotguns? Or just make that a general game mechanic, bullets do less damage the more tiles they are away from the enemy shooting it.

Look, I’m not against you at all; I really see your point of view on this topic. But as it stands, RotMG has two characteristics: It’s spastic and unforgiving. You should NEVER combine those two things together. You can get rid of either by getting rid of perma-death or implementing iframes. Perma-death is the point of the game (obviously) so iframes are the way to go.


By recording and then taking a single frame from that

Another way would be a script that automatically takes a SS whenever you press your nexus key


Or possibly it’s a screenshot from someone else’s video recording (if so I’d like to see the vid of that hell!).

I don’t understand immunity frames because I’m not a big gamer, but it sounds like something that isn’t the issue here, because it looks from the image like the server derped and the enemies are producing double the amount of shots than they are supposed to. Fix that bug and we are okay again, no need to change the core game. And dare I say it, looks like the players have chosen to break the /85 participant cap, so fixing the bug that allows this would be another thing I’d suggest might benefit stability (or the players should accept that they’re taking the risk in overloading the server/dungeon, so be prepared for unexpected server derps).

[Edit: today’s patch, which says they’ve hardened the player cap for dungeons, might resolve problems like this from happening]


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Consider the following: try out the new patch with a max of 65 players, instead of over a 100. You really don’t need that many for a Nest, nyanyway.


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I’m 98% sure I’ve seen this screenshot on reddit before and it’s not the OP’s. It’s kind of old actually. Not that that’s a problem, OP just probably isn’t going to know the answer to “how tf did you take the screenshot?”

tbh I think you’re giving wildshadow too much credit here and/or overthinking this. The lack of iframes is due to it being the default option, not adding a thing is always easier than adding it. It’s not like iframes are a naturally occurring game mechanic that you have to consciously remove yourself. There’s a pretty good chance that it just never occurred to them while they were making it, they did have a time limit after all. The people running that game jam contest way back when weren’t going to wait forever.