Lair of draconis lag


This is the 3rd time this week I have lost a maxed char in the lair of draconis because the dungeon lags like crazy and most recently it was my 6/8 trix I was on with almost 2K base and its the server that’s lagging because everyone it the dungeon experienced it and I was safe behind the pillars this is very annoying



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I’m sorry, but LOD lag is nothing new. I personally have had terrible experiences with LOD lag. Once about 3 months ago I was in a LOD, and some noob called green first. SO we do it and I got an acclaim from Limoz. Then we did red, and I got FREAKIN INDOMPTABLE! Then we did blue then black and I got 0 from both of those. Then we got to ivory and I died with Indomptable and acclaim in my inv… Bottom line, sorry for your loss, as I can sympathize! :confused:


those items both suck compared to the stuff my trix had on him


I tried to make a thread to eradicate these annoying ass threads, go complain there maybe.


CLOSE OUT YOUR GAME!!! This is nothing new, get over it because it’s your fault. @moderators please close/move this


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