Lair of Draconis Rework


Wows, apologies for the presumption in that case! Great!


I told you guys I was doing something!

and this definitely won’t be the last thing I get accomplished either, I just don’t know when the next thing will happen yet.


Clock Tower?

…Cland rework?


Resprites are overshaded and unneeded. I enjoyed the old dragon sprites vastly more. The new mechanics are interesting and I was able to solo on a wizard without feeling like eating light bulbs.


pyrr’s large red fireballs don’t have enough range to hit me from here:

pretty sure if I was a ranged class I could hit him

Limoz 1st, Nikao 2nd, Pyrr 3rd, though with the way you wanted this set up that’s probably an issue for all variants. this is his 3rd phase I think, the one with 4 large fireballs being fired in a cross-shaped pattern.



Silly me using default range for shoot, fixed for the non PT version.


Hol up…
UGC never got to test the changes before hand?



we did, but I was focused on making feargus work correctly and didn’t pay any attention to pyrr at all, especially since he was the one who was “finished” first. Kidd attempted to play through every possible combination before PT iirc, but idk if he actually finished it.


Fergas is so predictable and his 2 and 3 phases are so easy!


Order: Limoz, Nikao, Feargus, Pyyr.
Class: Huntress, Assassin (with Flesh Collector set; nexused at Pyyr).
Result: Limoz was a tad diificult, but not intensely so. I’m not a fan of the permanent immunity to slow (especially when he starts chasing you); the shot patterns were really fun, though!
Shield sprites could use some work. Their earthy feel just doesn’t mix quite well with Limoz himself, to me.

Nikao wasn’t too insane either. The only gripe I have with the fight is the really short duration that he’s hittable when he starts jumping between the spawned pools of liquid.

Feargus is the one I had the most trouble with bar the Wyvern. During the phase where his clones copy him, it was impossible to stay in long enough to deal significant damage, even on a Bow class. Perhaps this was partially due to the slowing tentacles, but I feel like the stream of shots from his clones should be toned down to deal slightly less damage and be shot less frequently, to allow some more openings. The latter should maybe also be applied to the slowing shots.

Pyyr was quite nice. The ability to slow him, along with the easily predictable movement, didn’t make for a terribly difficult fight. Once again, however, I had a gripe with the phase where he shoots his Armor Breaking shots, the large fireballs, and the large water shotguns. It was not possible for me to get in close without getting hit - bless the fact that I wasn’t a melee - so…similar treatment to Feargus: less dense shots.

The Wyvern fight was the most difficult of the bunch (and rightfully so!). Its movement wasn’t completely linear, making it difficult to get out of some situations without taking some damage.
I only made it to what I presume was the last phase, where the Orbs are in place, his clones have spawned, and the dragon statues (minus the 4th defeated dragon) are down. At that point, I was forced to Nexus lest I wished to die due to the powerful Pet Stasis shots from the Orb…and also the fact that I had to do some home tasks.

Overall, with some extra tweaks, I think it’ll be a great rework! ^u^

Small addendum: The statues in the starting room are Stasisable? Might want to remove that óuò


Unless the hp is something sizable this seems the same as just shouting the names

In my case when I do public LODs most of the time there arent many people and we do not often finish the dungeon

what if 2 want red and 2 want to do black, does it then come down to who can kill theirs fast enough

then on a larger scale can 2 warriors who get in before a few people go nuke the Feargus statue and pick him even if the others coming in would not want that

just like with the names it seems like its coming down to whoever can kill the statue or yell the name first

I always though a system where players stand on colored tiles corresponding to the dragon would be the most fair, and in the case of equal people on more then 1 tile a random dragon would be picked

Otherwise it all looks good



The code for this probably exists: with santas workshop


@Kiddforce this is amazing. I just did a solo of the whole dungeon, even though my loot was very bad i felt every second was worth it. Stunning aesthetics wide range of difficulty, Nikao was definitely my favorite, especially with the phase she disappear into those puddles. I think its my new favorite dungeon c:


you’re talking about that one phase where feargus shoots the blue shot spiral while his shades shoot the fake almost-spiral that isn’t actually a spiral, right? I knew someone would complain about that!

why are you going that deep on a bow class? range classes should be able to hit him from outside. I also think you should consider doing it again (along with everything else in the dungeon, several times preferably. there’s a lot to get done here), there are multiple ways of getting around that phase that result in minimal damage taken if you look for them. I mean other than leeching of course.


The current design sets it apart from the other dragons pretty well so I’d like to keep something similar to it, but it will probably be resprited or modified since currently the shading and coloring style doesnt quite match the rest of the dungeon.


Ya, just did a run on a Mystic. Circling with them is a bad idea >_<

Though, can I just say: in the order Feargus - Nikao - Limoz - Pyyr, how in the world am I supposed to survive tornadoes around the chamber Pet Stasising me, minions bombarding me with Sick shots, and Pyyr himself shooting his own shots at me?


not a lot of people will probably see this since I’m adding this pretty late, but the sprites that are currently considered complete and we need feedback on are:
-All sprites relating to Pyyr
-All sprites relating to feargus
-All sprites relating to limoz(especially need feedback here, since some of these were added last minute before PT)
-Nikao base sprite(not animations)
-All dragon souls except for limoz’s, which is currently a placeholder(though one thats suprisingly good since it was made by kidd)
-The large souls used during ivory fight
-The orbs used during ivory fight


Finished a solo!
I nearly died at…I think it was Limoz, where I barely hung on with only 9 health.
I also very, very nearly died as the Wyvern died due to neglectable dodging, but here I am.
The Wyvern fight was a tad repetitive with how you have to kill the statues not once, not twice, but thrice, but a good fight nonetheless ^u^


Before we start, I’d like to say I LOVE the new dungeon. These are just some pesky things I’ve noticed/some questions that I really want to be answered.
1.) First of all, why is the dungeon still not melee friendly? Forgive me if I’m just dumb and missed a part, but black and red still sound like a pain in the ass to get SB damage on. I’m fine if it’s not easy, and favors ranged classes seeing as melee is too OP anyways, but wouldn’t changing the chest thing allow you to make it slightly more balanced?
2.) This makes it seem like a harder dungeon, but are the drop rates better? just want some clarification on that, nothing serious.
3.) But my single biggest complaint is:

What the hell is this.

But then again, this is probably just me being dumb, so take it with a grain of salt.


Pyrr is overshaded
Feargus is overshaded
Limoz is overshaded
Nikao is overshaded

Use one less shade on each of these sprites and they will be incredible.