Lair of Draconis Rework


The text from the altar still refers to Feargus as Feargus the demented when as a quest boss he is titled Feargus the obsidian dragon. Also red’s buff to minions is ridiculously strong imo.


I soloed all bosses except ivory (havent gotten there yet :frowning: ) on a melee, there is at least one phase in each fight where you would be abe to get good damage on any of the three melee classes.


Despite not being melee friendly, it’s still pretty doable on a melee.
Of course, this is coming from someone with a Divine pet, so it’s not fully applicable…but I didn’t really get super-low on my run.


That’s intentional. The altar will always refer to the last dragon by their “hard mode” name as a nod, since those titles were otherwise abandoned.


I solved with a priest




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Lod is now far more fun! The simplified shot patterns really make all the boss fights more interesting. The difficulty seems about right up until thee 2nd dragon, however, the third dragon is where the difficulty gets a little too hard. I did Back after red after blue, and Blue after black after red. The shots were completely manageable on ranged classes, but the third dragon, especially blue, would be killer for melees, especially unmaxed melees.

I wasn’t able to test any interactions with green because my client would crash as soon as it went on to what I think is the second to last phase.

Black is a really good fight, I really like how the shot patterns have been cleaned up a lot. The minion interactions were really nice, but I feel that the last phase with minions is a little bit too easy while the first phase with minions could be slightly easier. The last phase minion hp should be increased slightly and the 1st phase minions should have their hps lowered a little bit.

Blue is also a really nice fight. My two problem with it are that during the popping out of the puddles phase, Blue should stay up about 1-2 seconds longer, and that during the egg phase, the spawn rates should be reduced by 1-5 seconds per egg.

Red is also really nice, it changed the least out of the dragons, and I think it’s really good. It seems like black before red would be really hard because of the black towers (I had to nexus really quick here, compared to the other dragons).

The drops better be updated before the dungeon releases, I soloed a few dungeons, and I got 0s/dragon potions about 2/3s of the time.

In regards to the items, here’s my thoughts.


Indomitable should just be a melee dbow, DECA should up its fire rate to 33%. It also shouldn’t have -10 def. The dps would still be really low, so it would still be pretty balanced.

Helm: The cooldown should be reduced. The longest it should be is 7.

The other items in this set are pretty balanced, the armor could get a little bit more speed (max of 10), but its not necessary.

The whites for the dungeon are pretty balanced, but if the difficulty of LOD increases, they should all get minor improvements.

If the new LOD’s difficulty doesn’t change:

Armor should be +5, +18, +5, +5.

Robe should get a max of 30 mana.

Hide should be 14 def, 60 hp, 6 spd, 3 wis, 3 vit.

and the Star should have a mana reduction, maybe coupled with a damage reduction.

Edit: it doesn’t seem like Fergus’s ground spike attacks are dealing any damage.


Oh, good to know! Haven’t had the time to do it yet, but they didn’t really mention much.


Please slightly buff the robe!!

Also I’m not a fan of the new wyvern sprite, sowy😁


Done a bunch of LODs and I noticed that the hitbox for Pyrr’s large projectile is off to me. I can only get hit in the very end of the projectile. Over here in the below image is the area around where I guess I would get hit by it.


TBH, I actually prefer the original color for Feargus because it looked more “obsidian”. The current purple looks more like amethyst or something. The new sprite for the other, especially the Ivory Wyvern, was well done, though!

From my exp, Ice Cave is much easier.

fdba on my first LOD lul


hitboxes on projectiles always have and always will be constant regardless of shot size or shot sprite. meaning that that’s about where you’d get hit on prod right now from the same projectiles. the hitbox is always in the center of the sprite, even though that’s not always where it makes the most sense.


Aside from the Ivory Wyvern (I have no idea what’s going on there), each dragon really seems to have its own personality. Forget their lines, which are usually just the generic “I’m gonna kill you!!!”, just the way their sprites stand and hold themselves (namely Pyyr) is dope as fuck.

One thing though, I don’t think this dungeon should be turned into a relatively easier dungeon. I’m not saying it’s a walk in the park, but I’d rather prefer this be one of the harder dungeons in the game (nearing the likes of Tombs, Shatters and Thickets).

As such, I’d like the UT’s to be really good. Maybe not the absolute best, but definitely top tier. If the difficulty I picture in my mind (which I can’t exactly tell you, but just know that it’d be hard) is accurate to the dungeon, then I think the UT’s should be changed into something like these:

Leaf Dragon Hide Armor: 13 DEF, 60 HP, 6 SPD, 6 VIT

Water Silk Robe: 10 DEF, 8 SPD, 8 ATT, 2 WIS

Fire Dragon Battle Armor: 18 DEF, 5 ATT, 5 SPD, 5 VIT

Sullen Blade: I don’t use Katanas much, IDK about this one.

Midnight Star: 15 MP/s, Projectile Speed = 20, Range = 16, MP Cost = 80, Damage = (500), 4 DEF upon equip.

Indomptable: Lower -10 DEF to -4 DEF (fix overall ST bonus accordingly, since this debuff makes the weapon basically useless on its own), Increase Range to 3.8, Change RoF to 35%, lower damage to 545 AVG.

Helm of Draconic Dominance: Increase +5 SPD to +6, Increase Range to 3, Increase Paralyze duration to 2.5s.

Zaarvox’s Heart: 17 DEF, 8 SPD

Amulet of Drakefire: 100 HP (add the other 15 to the ST Set bonus), 8 SPD


To piggyback off my first response, this post focuses more so on the gameplay, not the items.

Not saying that the current LoD is any better, but visually speaking, the reworked LoD is a mess!

Shots obviously have different colour schemes (due to the whole inheritance thing that I really like) in different areas, but because they contrast so much, it honestly is distracting and just unpleasing to the eye. Not only that, it seems really janky (although that’s probably just RotMG being RotMG), like the teleporting into the fights, the changing of tiles (noticeable in the death of the Ivory Wyvern), etc.

More so than all this, is the water. Some of the water just shows up in places that is really random (like in Limoz’ room, the water doesn’t spawn in a specific pattern, it’s just kind of there), or some other stuff (like the blue/turquoise tiles in Pyyr’s room, what’s up with that? looks odd…)

And onto the gameplay side of things, there genuinely is a problem with the difficulty scaling. Some of these fights/phases are so ungodly easy, while others are way more difficult in comparison. Limoz’ fight is a clusterfuck, but its endurance based so I can respect that. It just doesn’t seem very threatening (he was always the nicest of the bunch after all). Still, his shots could get an increase in damage, albeit a slight one.

Nikao’s fight is really, really, really easy. Even with an addition set of shots or two additional sets, it doesn’t seem threatening, and she goes down really fast anyways. Her shots need to deal more damage. Status effects could be added too (quiet/silenced would make sense), and it should be fine otherwise.

Pyyr, similar to Nikao, doesn’t have too many phases, and likewise, they are really easy. Sure, Armor Break’s a bitch, but he just doesn’t do enough damage, considering how fast he goes down too. His shots are very predictable, and as such, if you get hit by them, they should pack a punch. But I really like/liked his fight, I think it’s relatively cool (or hot).

Feargus’ egg phase always seemed kind of pointless to me (no real threat if you’re brain is being used), but whatever. The third phase is such a big jump in difficulty for melees. 4 dragons with streams and Feargus in the center, firing his own shit alongside an inherited shit (unless you fight him first). Why? Because of the Armor Break. Unlike Pyyr’s, there’s more shots, and they pile up quicker, since they are streams not shotguns. But then the Phase after that literally does no damage. And his final phase is relatively predictable. These other phases need more damage IMO, so if you can dodge shit, you get off with a pretty easy fight.

The Ivory Wyvern is awesome. I would actually prefer the arena to be smaller so you get to experience more of him, and have to deal with him more. This is one of the fights, where rather than a damage increase (which is probably needed anyways), a Projectile Speed increase is most definitely needed. His shots are too easily telegraphed, and with the arena being so large, they can be dodged unreasonably easily. My other gripe is, as I said, clusterfuck in terms of visuals. Aside from that, cool ass fight, especially since the story is more cohesive and that death animation is gold.

As you can probably tell, I think the LoD is made to be too easy in this rework. It should maintain the difficult it once had, I’d argue even go past it, nearing the likes of Tombs, Shatters, and Thickets. Rather, it has been downgraded, and so has its drops. I hate that so, so much. The UT’s need to be buffed if anything, and the only way that can be the case is if the dungeon’s difficult is scaled appropriately. Same thing with the potions. Not a single Mana or Life as far as I can tell. But, hey, at least it’s fun to play now, and not a sleeper fest.

So, despite all the critique I’m giving it, I think in terms of a rework, this is a 9.5/10, and in terms of design/balance, somewhere between around a 9. Good shit nonetheless.


Weird because I also noticed that the hitbox was closer to the end, this happened a few times, here’s an example (pardon the low frames).

If you slow it down, you can see it’s not lag since I take lava damage right when you see my character “sink” into it, then afterwards I take the 164 damage from the bullet.


I also noticed not taking damage from the front of the bullet, I was getting almost submerged in the bullet but not taking damage. Made dodging a lot easier


what are those pots in your inventory?


Unfortunately, any and all hit boxes are the same size of … 50x50 or 20x20 (can’t recall), regardless of projectile (or player) size