Lair of Draconis Rework


But he’s talking about hitbox placement? I attached a gif above showing it. Wasn’t a fluke at least in my experience, I noticed this happening consistently. Only for this projectile, other large bullets were fine.

Edit: nvm rewatched it seems to be centered…just feels off. Guess it’s just due to the shape of the sprite and how it implies that the thicc part should hurt, not the little tail :stuck_out_tongue:



You can’t choose placement of a hitbox either. Centered on the box (pretty sure it’d bee of equal size) that would bee the sprite at size 100 :frowning:


The sullen blades been on my white-bag hunt list for a while because of how unique it was. Will there be another d blade-esque katana to fill its role like how the Penetrating Blast Spell filled the role of the forgotten tablet?


Done a run on Rogue.
I found some of the Ivory Wyvern’s chase phases (the ones where he doesn’t shoot the tear-like projectiles) overly easily cheesable, which was true for almost the whole fight.

Additionally, the tornadoes in Pyyr’s room when Feargus is fought first are not balanced. The same goes for the fact that his minions get Sick when Limoz is fought third; none of the other minions inhabit the status effect of the respective dragon, as far as I’m aware >:\


Right it looked better before. And more recognizable. Lol.


I don’t like how the dragons sprites were changed, but pyyr looks hella sexy now.


I hope the Dragon Tamer Set is reworked, especially the sword. And have buffed drop rates (basically the same for the rest of the ST Sets, the drop rates are atrocious).

I wonder if the STs will drop from the same dragons, as i recall, Pyyr dropped the Sword, Ivory dropped the Helm, Nikao dropped the Armor and Feargus dropped the Amulet, while Limoz was left out.

I would suggest having the entire Set drop from the Wyvern, while one of the parts gets a buff on its drop rate depending the last dragon. If Pyyr is the last dragon, the sword has a higher chance of dropping, if Nikao, the helm, if Limoz, the armor and if Feargus, the amulet.


Personally, I think the new graphics look amazing and I think they work well together (outside of maybe Nikao’s quicksand/brown water/whatever it is, that one’s a little strange but I could get used to it I guess). I don’t think they’re overdetailed; it’s incredibly gorgeous pixel art and I find it fits how the rework has turned LoD on its head (but in a good way!)

I love new LoD a lot, it’s super innovative with ideas and pretty fun to play too. It seems maybe slightly harder than original LoD and they can keep it at this difficulty or they can increase it, either of those sound good to me.


Water robe and Leaf hide seem alright for the most part (perhaps leaf hide could sacrifice 3 more def for 30 more hp? idk, but that’s the niche that the ST archer armor looked like it was going after), but… fire armor definitely feels like it has lost something w/ the advent of mercy’s bane. This might just be due to how… proliferated the spread of divine pets (or even max legendaries) has become (on a class that has the most hp and already has the most defense, to boot)… mmm. I’m thinking perhaps one should buff the fire armor, but even if you did, I don’t think that would tackle the core issue of Mercy’s Bane being super good… this is honestly the single item I see being used on it’s own the most, and seeing the stats, I’m surprised it’s not a white bag. I think you should probably make Mercy’s bane take 40 hp to use. Short of nerfing mercy’s bane (yes it’s seriously that good), the only idea I can think of is taking away the 4 atk, and giving it +6 dex instead. Maybe that’d be ridiculous? idk, I think the biggest issue w/ that is that many people don’t understand how DPS works.


Ive been waiting for LoD rework to happen for prob years and im loving these fights. I do feel like some of the phases need a hp buff (like feargus last phase).


sullen blade has a true range of virtually 0, make it more akin to EP than Dblade.

the new celestial blade has a bit of a gap in the shots similar to void bow, encouraging you to get closer than you would with a normal katana anyway.

feargus’s minions should be inheriting sick as well, although you have a lot more room to fight them than you do in pyrr’s room.


Yeah, I was mistaken when saying this:

as I quickly noted that Feargus’ minions get armor breaking shots when fought last, and Red third.

Still, Pyyr’s minions easily swarm you, making it only possible to beat it1 on your own by cheesing it on a Rogue…or maybe through some really fancy trickster play.

1: By which I mean the setup Black -> Blue -> Green -> Red.


Another thing, i hope the current drop table is a placeholder, done a couple of runs and i get things like T3 Rings, T10 Equipment, heck, there has been times i got 0 despite being done solo.

The dragons should drop old tops and assorted pots, the last dragon should drop Mana and the Wyvern should drop tops and Life.

Ivory should have a longer chase range, as it’s easy to put him on one side, go to the other when he stops and you can focus on the statues easily without worrying about him, and have his body move on his animation, his stationary body while his hands move doesn’t really feel like he’s moving at all.

The minions are not a problem, you should be able to easily dodge their shots if you circle along the room while dodging Pyyr.


Yeah, until you mess up, get Slowed by Pyyr, Pet Stasis’d by the Tornadoes, and Sickened by the minions, leaving you with not a whole lot of time before you must make the infamous decision: Nexus, or die?

Actually, I think I’ll try to show this.


I have fought Pyyr a couple of times as the third dragon after i done Nikao second, which gives him the slowing, through i haven’t done Feargus first due to the tornadoes, i never found a problem to dodge the minions even with Limoz’ rocks around the arena (tbh they aren’t much of a hassle), i suppose when the Minions inherit Limoz’ powers, the shots travel the same speed as their original attack. So it shouldn’t be too different, through i can see the Pet Stasis being a trouble.


When I fought nikao first, the game automatically selected limoz as the second fight.
Is that supposed to happen?




Here, I somehow just managed to pull it off.
Still, you can see that without some specific dodging (and a really good pet to heal you in-between Pet Stases), it gets unfair much faster.

I don’t really understand why they decided to give Pyyr such a huge buff in the first place. Like, Limoz gets rocks, Nikao gets ice, but Pyyr gets tornadoes that deal Pet Stasis for 5 seconds?


Yes haha, this combo is exactly what I had in mind when I made the “worst dragon order” thread xD

I died the first time, second time I figured as long as you ‘wiggle’ the pet stasis it’s fine (well…at least with the maxed divine I had).


I see the problem now, apparently the minions with the sickening shots have predict shots like an Ent God, now that’s bullshit.