Lair of Draconis Rework


Rock dragon rework

Good balancing, no more shotgun instakill, although the damage has been nerfed a bit too much imo. Love transitioning based on hp rather than time.

Replacing confused by slowed makes the fight too easy. There is little risk of dying on ranged chars.


You act like it’s unreasonable to complain that some of us don’t have LH white, but it’s really not. Do you really think that these dungeons or events are going to be done in mainly soloes or duos if released to prod? That group tanking with priests + mseal might not be a thing that happens in prof like we do for so many other dungeons? WC tops and fully maxed divine pets don’t represent how prod is played at all.

Not to mention that there are people who don’t even play testing for testing purposes anymore. There’s still infinite LH keys out there and I know some people in my guild either did the new dungeons only a few times or not at all and then practiced rushing LHs because why wouldn’t they? When you compare that to having a maxed divine on testing that I will never use on my main account… ‘all’ is really the correct word because learning to rush LHs with no risk is much preferable to anything else that testing offers and that is 100% reflected in how people play testing.


I was not trying to criticise anyone, just explaining how it probably happened. Testing has changed a lot, and one thing they used to do is give away rare UTs.


in my opinion is to easy with rougue to safe and esay all the bosses
in my only solo doing with rougue it was hard but hey i at leat could do a solo draconis first time in my life

the best route i think its for all the figths is red blue black green


I was too lazy to try out this rework when it was first released in testing, so I can’t really comment on the changes between that and this version. I’ve recorded two rogue solo runs (one with maxed divine and one with unmaxed legendary, both with the same order of red>blue>black>green) so that it will be easier to talk about possible issues by showing them happen and all. Note that a lot of the footage was sped up beacause otherwise the video would have been quite long.


  • Most of the sprite art in this dungeon is really good. Not much else to say about that.
  • Overall the whole different-order-changes-the-rest-of-the-bosses thing seems to work quite nicely, and I like how there’s small difficulty differences between the various orders. Makes replaying lods real spicy.
  • Gameplay feels quite balanced and the difficulty feels just about as hard as intented (if not a little harder with some orders :3c)
  • I don’t know if intentional or not, but some of the bullet patterns are beautiful. For example, that one spinny pattern both Ivory and Feargus use where the mirrors/shades shoot lines and spin around the boss looks pretty neat, and the one where Limoz’ shields spin and shoot towards the boss, making a pretty spiral.
  • The way Nikao breaks through ice in the whack-a-mole phase when feargus is picked first is a nice attention to detail (could maybe work as a nice fan-art OwO)


  • One of Limoz’ shield phases where the shields shoot towards the dragon while spinning around the boss gets really messy if the shields are paralyzed (Note that if they can be paralyzed just because of the status effect update on testing, this whole part can be ignored.)
    Once the shields are paralyzed, they have a chance of changing rotation direction. This leads to the phase becoming a bit messy. In the video this can be seen at 2:16.
  • Permacloak rogue feels a bit too overpowered when soloing, mostly during Ivory fight. When blue was picked second, Ivory often just stood there and didn’t shoot a single thing in some of the chase phases (This can be seen clearly in Ivory fight which starts at 12:30). Of course, this isn’t a huge deal since solo lods are quite rare, but I think it’s still worth mentioning.
  • I hate to say this, since it was clearly done for a reason, but I don’t really like the new Ivory design. I mean I do like the design, but I don’t like that it’s meant to be Ivory, you know?
    Naturally this is just me refusing to take my nostalgia goggles off, but might as well still get this out of the system and all. I get that the original long boi wasn’t really a wyvern or ivory colored, but it’s been burned so deeply into my brain that it’s hard to think about Ivory Wyvern as anything else. It was still a cool design even though the name and sprite didn’t match.
    This new chad looks nothing like him, and because of that he feels like a whole different character. To me this feels like as if Oryx got tired of the white Ivorys shit, fired him, and hired this new hunk to replace him.
    To be fair, the new sprite does look nice and does its job quite well. I’d actually be perfectly fine with this update if it didn’t mean that the precious white boi gets completely wiped from existence because of it. Of course, with a little work the original could be used as an easter egg npc (or even petskin) or just about anything like that, just to give it a little respect you know cough cough. But even if the old one gets thrown into the void never to be seen again, that wouldn’t be the end of the world. At the end of the day this all comes down to preference, and some players are going to be upset either way.

Overall, a pretty good rework. The little nitpicks aside I think this is way better than what we have now, and it’s going to be interesting to see how things will turn out. Great moves, ugc! Keep it up, proud of you.

Edit: grammar and talking about video being sped up


Pyyr becomes a lot more oppressive when done in the order Green -> Black -> Blue -> Red.
The Pet Stasis shots’ ability to pierce through Limoz’ rocks, their high speed, and their frequency all make them difficult to dodge, even though they deal 120 damage a piece.
On top of that, you also have to manoeuvre around the large fireballs, while also continuously being Slowed by the minions (who are also quite spam-happy).

I’d much prefer it if Pyyr’s Pet Stasis shots would deal about 60 or 80 damage and were of a lower frequency or speed, because otherwise, you’ll need to have a good enough pet to heal you through it when you slip up.


Almost managed to finish one with a 60/54 Heal/Mheal pet as 6/8 Warrior (with average HP), without ability usage, in the order Black -> Red -> Blue -> Green.

Nothing too insane at all in the run, though Limoz was definitely tricky in his last phase with the amount of bullets he spits out, but it was managable.

Although I’d’ve loved to give the Wyvern a try, the servers…denied me this…

…yeah, I don’t know either.

MotMG 2019 - I find it boring

Shameless plug again. Here’s Nikao done petless as Knight.


Pardon the fact that this is sort of a necro-bump, but I have some additional feedback that I think fits here better than elsewhere (I mean, proposing various fixes isn’t really something for the #feedback channel of the Discord, is it?):

  • Feargus’ added shots: For both Nikao and Limoz, I find that they are too severe. The Pet Stasis lasts for a time that’s much longer than you’d expect from shots that are thrown about quite a lot.
    In particular, I want to touch on Nikao’s Phase 4, the one where you have to destroy the minions and eggs around the room.
    During this phase, if Feargus was killed 2nd (and Nikao inherits some of its shots), Nikao will shoot large, wing-shaped shotguns to the cardinal ends of the room. Although certainly impressive and cool to look at, the area they cover, alongside their high damage and long Pet Stasis, make them very annoying to fight, and more punishing than they deserve to bee.
    On another added note, the Wyvern’s second chase variation is also much harder than other phases with Feargus defeated second - once again, because of that loooong Pet Stasis. Maybe lowering it to about 2-3s would help?
    As for Limoz…
  • Limoz’ last phase: The amount of shots that Limoz shoots might not be too many at once, but I think that it’s their frequency that makes them much trickier, alongside possibly their range. If its shot frequency was lowered slightly (not sure what it is now - I’d say about .3-.4 seconds? Increase that to .5 or so), and the range for the Sick-inflicting shots - at least, the ones during that phase - was lowered (currently, it’s around 15 - maybe lower that to about 9 or 10?), it’d bee a fine challenge.
  • Pyyr’s second half: Pyyr sticks out among the dragons for being the only one that has…well, nearly, if not perfectly identical phases. To be fair, I wouldn’t know exactly how to give it new tools to play with, but giving it different phases after the second lava fill would make the fight a tad more interesting.

That aside, I think the Lair of Draconis is one of the most fun dungeons out there, even if the loot is a bit scarce. Thank you very much for all your efforts <3


laughs in 5 hours without whites


It can be, though preferably each separate point in your post should be posted as a separate feedback (since Deca responds to the feedback with the highest number of upvotes, putting all the points into a single feedback could mean you lose potential upvotes from people who agreed with 1 point but not some of the other points brought up, for example).