Lair of Shaitan Rework


Lair of Shaitan Rework

Lets keep this short and to the point.
The current Shaitan feels uncomplete and repetative. It is very easy to roll in big groups. The fight itself has been overhauled and is almost completely new apart from a few elements from the old fight.
The new fight should feel alot stronger especially for big groups. Hopefully you won’t be able to afk the whole fight now : ) . It should also be similar difficulity to solo as orginal shaitans but feel less unfair to fight.
His Lair has also got a redesign to make it look like its part of the castle and not just some cave Shaitans found on his holidays. Expect to see changes in rewards/UTs when the rework hits prod.

His new difficulty should match that of the other janus dungeons so keep this in mind when leaving feedback.

Have fun testing!

PT: Cursed Library, Lair of Shaitan Rework and Lair of Draconis Rework

The entire reworking of the fight is a fresh breath of air for the Lair of Shaitan. Smaller groups can now actually do the dungeon without getting overwhelmed by the sheer amount of heads and hands, and the new attacks introduced in this version put a good emphasis on dodging and skill to overcome.

As for my personal experience, I nearly soloed him on my 1/8 wizard with just an mheal pet, provided I was always dodging of course. Got him to 10% hp before dying. With this in mind, players who have experience in overcoming bullet hell boss fights would certainly enjoy this new fight, as I have. Great job~ I look forward to see the reward changes, which would hopefully give players an encouraging incentive to fight Shaitan instead of O2.


Interesting part, but I was soloing this and I kept killing the hands and they kept re spawning forcing me to leave. How am I suppose to get past this part?


Considering the buff i just want drop buffs too


You have to kill the hands a the same time to progress the fight. This is in the orginal shaitans fight aswell.


I agree with Neil.

The current shaitans drop rates are pure trash.

If they’re buffing the boss they need to buff loot.


Ah thanks, I haven’t done that many shaitans in prod so I wouldn’t know.


I’ve done two runs, both of which ended in failure. (Though with the first one, I was on an Archer without any equips [:crab: the STs are gone :crab:], where I figured out that the Hands still have to be killed in succession)

I’m not entirely sure of it, but does Shaitan keep throwing Magma-spawning grenades until the entire arena is gone? That doesn’t seem like something I’d want to fight, honestly.
The whole problem I found with the fight was how DPS-wally it was. Not enough DPS for groups? You have to Nexus from an army of hands!
Now it’s worse, since magma is unavoidable if thrown at some spots, and it deals more damage.

Additionally, I found that the embers’ AoE was a lot bigger than you’d think. With it covering this much ground, I think it may need a nerf there, too.

Therefore, all I ask is:

  • Lower minion spawn rate (maybe make them come in bursts?)
  • Make the spawned magma tiles disappear after a short while
  • Lower embers’ AoE range
  • Give us actual flame projectiles!! Please!!

Addendum: Completed a duo, together with a Sorc.
Some of the later phases are really cluttered - especially when the first heads start popping up.
Once again, with fewer minions, I think it’ll be a lot more enjoyable.

Addendum 2:

Solo done. It was really tough and there were plenty of times where I could’ve died - mostly because of those pesky minions >:c

PT: Classes balancing part 1, Gigantic Cave(Fungal Forest + Crystal Cave), LoD, LoS

it was hard at starting but I manage to learn the way to do this :smile:
Here is the video of how i did it :


Solo also done, it was much too hard, for the current rewards. If you nerfed the minion spawn rate, and maybe slightly buffed the drop rates, it would be an ok dungeon. At the moment I don’t think many people would run it unless it was for an event, much like the current shaitans.


I love the new fight. It is refreshing and nice, but I’ve never liked any of the post janus dungeons. They seem (to me) like a waste when you can go for Oryx and get better loot and there is always such little groups that it takes longer than Oryx 2.


The fight is great so hopefully this gets a loot buff.


The point of Janus dungeons isn’t to necessarily ‘out-loot’ O2. He already drops tops, whereas all these dungeons drop various UTs, making them more desirable for those who have already gotten the tiered gear they wanted.
But I also always thought of them as being relatively easy to solo.
Reef and Encore aren’t too particularly difficult; Thicket is probably the harder one, especially considering the gruesome, abominable phase that is…the Bird Tribe member…Oh, and I guess the Xolotl survival phase can be a tad hard, too.

Shaitan’s, on the other hand? Tough luck! Currently, there’s no way in hell you’ll be dealing enough damage in time to properly follow the fight…unless you use some consumables or whatever. Only Rogues can take Shaitan on without much hassle.
Making it as tough as it is now, with the hands being the main source of walling non-piercing classes, I don’t think it will be any more popular than the other dungeons :\


I found Shaitan… for one part, the battle is really good and interesting, for another part, it suffers the same problem from the current Shaitan and that’s the DPS Wall, through not as much as the current one, the minions get really annoying and dangerous, especially on non-piercing class, in fact, i found LoD easier than Shaitan, due to that specific problem.

There should be a limit to the minion spawns, and considering that in later phases it’s really dangerous, it’s in-between Reef and Thicket on difficulty, note, Thicket is on top only because it has three bosses instead of only one, otherwise Shaitan would be the hardest Court dungeon.

I hope Shaitan gets a really decent drop table, atleast something simple as old tops or maybe even tops (Xololt drops tops), and Mana. Possibly a buff to the skull too, i consider it being overshadowed by Memento as the damage skull, and for heals, any other skull would be a better choice.


I really do enjoy this new fight, it feels a lot more complete and is far more reasonable, if still very difficult to do solo. Like LOD I didn’t run this in any sizable groups so feedback is from the perspective of a solo. Unlike LOD I did not run it as many times so there may be some things I didn’t get as much mastery over.

I made sure to solo this dungeon on ninja, wizard, paladin, and rogue. Paladin and rogue were quite obviously going to be easier runs, and to me the difference between wizard and ninja runs weren’t that high but they were quite difficult.

The main issue for me in my earlier failed solos was properly dragging the small hands so i didn’t get overwhelmed but once I got that down the main issue became the two large hand phases once the arena is restricted to just the middle. Personally I feel their white shots might be dealing a little bit too much damage, especially since sometimes the streams can overlap and cause extremely swift death. That combined with the boss shooting its armor pierce shotguns and throwing lava in the later phase seems to be the biggest challenge of the dungeon and is where I think a lot of solo or duo runs will end up failing since there is really nowhere to try and go to heal. Once I got passed those the end parts of the fight felt much easier in comparison.

I also thought that he tossed lava a little too quickly in the phase where he fired spirals of purple shots (fourth phase i believe). While in that phase you can still back out to the further parts of the arena to recover if you try and stay in the middle you will sometimes end up going around the whole circle before lava despawns making it much harder to go around again without walking over some of it.

Other than those the fight felt pretty fair, if still quite difficult to solo (looking at you little hands). I do however see it falling into obscurity again if the drops of the dungeon are not increased. I know thats not what this testing cycle focused on but It certainly needs to be looked at to truly revive the dungeon.


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Why is Shaitan always immune to stun?
Isn’t this update the immunity rework update?


Although I’m definitely happier with the decrease in hand spawns, I still feel like this dungeon outweighs most of the other Court dungeons in difficulty.

What is mostly the problem, from what I’ve observed, is the phases where there’s a constant incentive to keep moving (thrown magma), while simultaneously being forced to move precisely (Shaitan’s high-damage armor piercing shots), while also being blocked from doing so (the Slow-inflicting hands).

I’ll post more of my thoughts later.