Laserquest's ppe thread


popped the epic chests i’ve been holding for a few weeks, got a celestial blade


well that’s unfortunate. peeked an uncleared room in ddocks and i got a pop up.


Have you heard of our lord and savior the Oh Shiet Button?


yeah, but i haven’t done the set up for it yet.


Do a mystic




But first, set up the Oh Shiet Button.


havent set up the oh sheit button yet





Too soon


those guys hurt a lot, i was mostly full like a second before


lol oops


I have the same rogue skin lol.


alright, with the release of the bard, i will be doing a bard ppe soon.
i haven’t played bard yet, so this will be interesting(i didn’t play bard during testing)


first bard had a terrible roll. this one is better



well i died.
if theres one thing i learned, its that unmaxed bard is really slow. like, i had 20 spd at level 20


it took awhile, but i finally got to level 20


there is no way i should have died.
also, how do you zoom out more, cause thats the farthest i can go


warrior npe
EDIT: died cause im dumb, lets do this again