Laserquest's ppe thread


udl solo, got shard, egg and mystery pot

epic mystery skin

got mini geb

another dbow

2/8 yay


wow i actually just died in the stupidest way ever…

still in disbelief…


Rip, did you sit on it?


unintentionally yeah
i saw pbag, got paralyzed just as i thought “watch out for those stone guardian swords things” and hit the nexus button a little too late
for context, the sword spawned on the bag


wow i died again
quick tell me 2 new classes to play
(preferably range classes)


I could even help you with my sorcerer!




sorcerer and archer, i already have an alive mystic


My mystic fell to the horde


rare item obtained


10th one


Youve gotten 10x as much as i have


How many hours till this one dies.


I feed my condus cuz I have too many. I would also feed my cwands and cswords, but they don’t have much feed power/


iak maybe a few more hours unless this is lucky


i think i got this yesterday


oh first one


back from a trip since thurday


I’m back from a trip since Friday

Glad for you to be back


last one apparently
also i got muted for “typing in ‘i-have-keys’ channel” in epic dungeons discord